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The simplest, safest and most effective way to welcome and manage visitors to your sites.

Simple, safe and compliant visitor management

SkyVisitor from ExPD ensures checking visitors into your sites is the simplest and most professional experience possible. First impressions count, but regulatory compliance and the safety of those visitors, and your team, matter even more – our advanced visitor management software has that covered too.

Little can be more important in facilities management than the way you physically manage people to and through your buildings, from prestigious multi-tenanted apartments and corporate headquarters, to food handling facilities, shopping centres and NHS Estates.

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SkyVisitor goes to work before your guest even arrives on site. When the host books a visit, the visitor management software automatically issues an invitation email.

Although auto-generated, the content of the email can be branded and is fully customisable to include all the information the guest needs to simply and safely begin that visit.

It accommodates ad hoc visitors and can outline security requirements and include essential health and safety information.

Visitor management software reception

Information such as your location, which entrance to arrive at, and how to request and be assigned a parking space is all auto-generated.

The visitor management software even provides pass numbers or keys or can include a unique QR code for contact-free, speedy check-in from the visitor’s smartphone or mobile computer. The system works seamlessly with ExPD Smart Lockers for a totally contact-free and simple 24/7 solution.

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Simple control of visitors to your sites

Managing visitors and reporting mechanisms

The SkyVisitor Portal includes dynamic, real-time lists of expected, arrived and departed visitors and allows for future planning and resourcing.

The visitor management software reports can include visitor statistics, trends, volumes, no‐shows and much more, ensuring your reception systems are working effectively, and flag trends before they become issues.

Reporting and improving

The Online Portal allows you to view dynamic lists of expected, arrived and departed visitors and produce statistical reports such as visitor statistics, trends, volumes, no-shows and much more.

SkyVisitor allows you to create your own custom reports and have these saved in the system. This means that you can get customised meaningful data out of your visitor system.

Photo badges

The integrated visitor photo badge system is quick and simple, badges can even be pre-printed for planned arrivals. They can be produced at any size on a host of printers: card, paper, thermal, re‐writable card or label.

Item control

Items issued to visitors – such as radios, keys, access cards and fobs – can be registered through the visitor management software and onscreen alerts created when the visitor checks out.

ExPD also has an asset management system that works across teams and visitors.

Standard features

  • Personal branding
  • Calendar Integration
  • Apple Wallet Integration
  • On-site support
  • Signatures
  • Access control
  • Paxton Integration
  • Import multiple visitors
  • Evacuation functionality
  • Multiple locations
  • Unlimited support
  • QR Express sign-in/out
  • Document control
  • Custom fields
  • Offline mode
  • Recurring visits
  • User levels
  • Inductions/Health & Safety
  • Custom processes

Multiple Locations

The system is set up with a location hierarchy, this can be separate offices, different parts of sites etc. Having multiple locations allows you to report on activity at different offices for example. It also means that you can have different rules and workflows for visitors at each location.

Express Check in

If a visitor is pre-booked they can be sent a QR code before their arrival. When the visitor arrives at the site, they can scan their QR code on a scanner at the check-in location and this instantly checks the visitor in. Doing this speeds up the check-in process and also means that it is a contactless check-in.

Access Control

SkyVisitor has the ability to integrate directly with your access control system. You are able to define what locations visitors have access to via your visitor system and you can also see when a visitor has moved between areas at your site.

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ISO Accredited | GDPR Compliant


Managed Buildings & Offices

Transport & Logistics

Student Accommodation


Schools & colleges

Residential Building


Manufacturing & Warehousing

Banking & Finance

Business & eCommerce

Hospitals & Healthcare

Law & Accountancy

Your Skyvisitor questions answered.

Can I use Skyvisitor across multiple sites?

Yes. Our visitor management software offers a fully scalable solution that can be applied to multiple site locations as required with software that can be scaled to suit your budget and business needs. Extra features can be added, such as data integration for increased functionality as well as multiple receptions and site locations.

Checking visitors in

Visitors can be checked in in 3 different ways. The first way is using the desktop application where a member of staff will check the visitor/contractor in.  

A self-check-in device can be used. This is where the visitor can check themselves in on a tablet computer. Once they are checked in an email can be triggered to notify the host the guest has arrived. 

Finally, if the guest is pre-booked, they can be sent a QR code prior to arrival. This can then be scanned when the guest arrived on an outward-facing QR scanner.  

Evacuation Functionality

SkyVisitor has a feature whereby you can quickly show a list of all visitors/contractors on site. This means that if there is a fire drill you can get a list of all visitors on site for a fire roll call.  

Reporting and improving

The Online Portal allows you to view dynamic lists of expected, arrived and departed visitors and produce statistical reports such as visitor statistics, trends, volumes, no-shows and much more. 

As you are capturing data electronically you can create completely custom reports, these may be specific to your organisation.  

All reports can be exported as PDF or even downloaded into an excel document. 

Access control

SkyVisitor can integrate directly with several different access control systems. Using our import/export feature our visitor management software has the capability to integrate with any access control system. 

Having this integration means that you can manage the locations visitors/contractors can visit all in one place.

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