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bespoke barcode scanner software with your business needs in mind

Sentinel - cloud software

ExPD’s Sentinel system monitors the throughput of parcels from a single, easy to use cloud platform.

Field service reports, machine issue history and more can be accessed from one central system.

The system can automatically detect issues with performance including barcode capture, weighing and volumising and generate tickets for engineers to monitor and resolve problems quickly.

Updating the progression of issues as they occur provides better data capture and revenue protection for your business.

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Web-based barcode tracking

Our ExPD Online software is a web-based application that gives facility managers and maintenance personnel the ability to monitor barcode scanners and scan points within their facility or across multiple facilities from anywhere an internet connection is available.

Ideal for Transportation and Logistics (Postal and couriers, 3PL), Retail and E-Commerce (Distribution centers, Fulfillment), Intralogistics (Automated Warehousing) and Factory Automation (work in progress Tracking, Traceability).

What difference can it make to your operation?


Monitor | Track | Report


Our software extracts data from barcode readers, recognising trends and any issues with label reading.

Any No Read Root Cause can be picked up, this may be caused by a damaged label, printing problem, label misplaced or label not present.


  • No Read Root Cause automated into system
  • Save time of manual Image Analysis/aggregation
  • Reporting trends by day/hour
  • Effective and precise review of processes
  • Performance increase by trends analysis and root cause analysis
  • Expedite response time to unwanted conditions
  • Leverage Imager Barcode readers image saving capability
  • Web-based with flexibility to run on standard OS (Window 10, Linux)
  • Configurable alarm and event notification via email

Tailored to work your way.

Our system has a large monitoring capability and can support many scan points and devices in your facility.

The capacity depends on several factors including:

  • Package throughput
  • Number of devices per scan point
  • The types and combination of devices used, i.e.: cameras, laser scanners, dimensioners
  • The capacity and speed of your facility’s network

We will work with you to provide the best monitoring solution for your facility.

Reporting and improving.

Our easy to navigate interface allows you to create, save, and view customised historical reports at the facility, scan point, and device level.

It can provide real-time statistics, diagnostics, quick viewing of parcel/item features (image, dimension etc.) and functional reporting tools.

Track a specific barcode or barcodes.

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