Mobile computers

Mobile computers are the ultimate tool for retail, logistics, healthcare, warehouses, manufacturing and many more sectors. Our handheld computers improve efficiency, inventory management and allows easy access to information. Resulting in increased productivity and improving customer experience.

ExPD offers mobile computer devices from leading mobile computer providers Zebra, Opticon, HandHeld and Datalogic, giving you the perfect solution for your inventory and asset management needs.

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What can a handheld computer do?

Mobile computers are devices that allow you to access data and information from wherever you are. They can store and share data, voice, and video over a network with employees and update information in real-time for up-to-date asset tracking and updating systems.

They come in a range of sizes and functionalities, from pocket-sized to tablet size, with rugged designs or slim fit, you can find the ideal mobile computer for your business.

Mobile computers features

The mobile computer devices we offer have a set of specialist features. The Zebra TC70 is ideal for manufacturing and warehousing, and Datalogic Memor 10 is suitable for retail, transport and logistics, manufacturing, and healthcare.

Mobile computers are available with Wi-Fi and/or 4G capabilities, allowing you to access your systems from anywhere. Each mobile computer serves a different purpose. Some come with cameras, large screens, GPS capabilities and barcode technology. There’s a perfect device to keep your business productive.

Each device has a set of different features ranging from the following:

  • Price checks
  • Item locators
  • Inventory management
  • Asset management
  • Inspections
  • Proof of delivery
  • Route accounting
  • Invoicing
  • Field services
  • Financial/loyalty applications
  • Order entry
  • Product comparison and much more

Types of handheld computer

Mobile computers are available as tablets and vehicle-mounted computers as well as the standard mobile computer. There’s a solution for every business.

Tablet computers

Rugged computer tablets can come as ultra-rugged are designed so that they’re compatible with various environments. ExPD offers the Algiz RT8 8-inch Android tablet computer built with a stunning screen and a user-friendly design. The rugged computer tablets can be docked in your truck or use around the warehouse with their powerful full-day battery life.

Vehicle mounted computer

Vehicle-mounted computers are perfect for vehicles and trucks or courier services to easily submit delivery confirmations, locations points and route accounting. Vehicle-mounted computers are easily portable and have multi-functioning abilities.

The benefits of mobile computers

Mobile computers have plenty of benefits. From the ease of use, to efficiently tracking your business or medical assets. Our selection of mobile computers are perfect for storing information and allowing real-time updates so everyone in the business can check on the location, price, and product information on their mobile computer system.

A well-integrated system helps to improve user experience, increase productivity and help to improve your overall return on investment.

For more information and advice on the mobile computers we offer, please get in touch with the ExPD team on +44 (0)1730 710100 or

Frequently asked Questions

These are some frequently asked questions that we receive concerning mobile computers:

What is a mobile computer?

A mobile computer is a portable device that can access data through WIFI or a cellular network. Mobile computers can integrate with systems to manage and track data gathered via barcodes.

Mobile computers come with either touch screens, a display and a keyboard, as a tablet, rugged or pocket-sized. There are various handheld computers available for specific industries and different uses. For example, Rugged mobile computers are great for warehouses, and pocket-sized computers are great for retail or delivery services.

What is a mobile computer used for?

You can use mobile computers to access data and information. They can help with activities such as tracking inventory, running price checks, pick and drop stock handling, assisted sales, deliveries and much more. Some mobile computers can sync up with a barcode scanner to show the data of certain products, and others come with a barcode system built-in for ease of use.

What are mobile computers good for?

Mobile computers are great for keeping business organised and well connected when working with valuable and moving assets and inventory. They are reliable and efficient to track all activities for workers in retail, on the shop floor for price checking, assisting sales and in the back room. They are also crucial for transport and logistics businesses for docking locations and warehouse activities such as deliveries. Mobile computers are also great for nurses and doctors to help share patient information with other nurses and doctors on shift.