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A visitor management system is the simplest and safest way to welcome visitors, staff and contractors to your building.

Not only that, it offers a professional first impression and ensures regulatory compliance.

ExPD’s SkyVisitor solution from Safety Net does this and more. Here are 5 reasons why your business could benefit from a visitor management system.

Streamline the check-in process

Paper sign-in books and long reception desk lines are customer experiences that businesses simply can’t afford anymore. Visitor management software digitises this process.

Visitors can simply use a kiosk with a tablet interface to scan their ID or enter their information. It frees up reception staff from having to remind visitors to sign in and out by hand and automates the process of approving the visit.

It can even provide pass numbers or keys or include a unique QR code for contact-free, speedy check-in from their mobile phone or QR scanner. Our Apple Wallet integration provides visitors with the ability to add visitor passes to their phone.

You also won’t have to ask contractors to fill in written forms. These can be seamlessly built into the workflow that the software enables. A feature of SkyVisitor is SafeWorks, which can help you manage the process from onboarding the contractor, checking insurance documents, RAMS, qualifications and Time & Attendance.

Advanced check-in

If you’re expecting a visitor, the SkyVisitor system goes to work before they’ve even arrived on site. When you book a visit, the visitor management system automatically issues an invitation email.

This email is fully customisable to include all the information the guest needs to simply and safely begin that visit. For example, location, which entrance to arrive at, how to request and be assigned a parking space.

Photo badges can even be pre-printed for planned arrivals through the integrated visitor photo badge system.

If you have regular visitors, our system allows you to select a tick box that makes it a regular occurrence, or creates a schedule of bookings that don’t need to follow any pattern.

Make a good first impressions

While a visitor may come in with an idea of your business due to reputation or research, for most businesses, a visitors first impression is going to come when he or she first enters the building.

By having a comprehensive visitor management system at your entrance you’re showing every guest that you take both their security and the security of your employees seriously. You’re also showing professionalism by swapping a pen and pad for sign-in with a smart tablet self-check-in system in its place.

Visibility over system

You need to confirm that everyone inside, entering, and exiting your building is supposed to be there. A visitor management system from ExPD helps capture, track, process and store this information. It can help manage group registration, how many visitors are expected in a day and who they are.

You have visibility into who is using your space, how and when. SkyVisitor allows you to create your own custom reports and have these saved in the system.

Access and control

The visitor management system is easy to access and control from within the SkyVisitor Online Portal.

Access cards can be issued to visitors on arrival, which include a QR code. This eliminates the need for paper and the cards can be used time and time again.

The system is cloud-based which makes it possible to manage multiple sites from a single platform. You can still customise visitor requirements for specific locations. Just as importantly, the system can scale to accommodate new entry points, new offices and teams, or even entirely new sites.

SkyVisitor also has the ability to integrate directly with your access control system. You are able to define what locations visitors have access to via your visitor system, you can also see when a visitor has moved between areas at your site.

Ensure regulatory compliance

When it comes to compliance, depending on your industry, you may be required to collect certain information from everyone who enters your organisation. You can build in necessary screening questions into your check-in process so that you capture the right information and store it securely for data and privacy protection.

Data can also be as held for as long as you need it, in line with your privacy policy. It can be configurable per location, per Visitor Type to help ensure your compliance with GDPR. For example, you may wish to hold data of visits for 18 months but delete the image of the visitor after 3 months.

For more information or to book a free demonstration of our visitor management system, please get in touch with our team at