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Few sectors have the levels of safety, safeguarding and accountability than the transport and logistics sector.

Specialists in transport and logistics

In the transport and logistics sector, security, traceability and accountability are critical.

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We know and understand it’s unique challenges, therefore we have a suite of products that delivers solutions, from internal mailroom tracking to visitor and contractor management and the control of assets.

Take a more detailed look at our products used in this sector.

Database-driven barcode tracking

We can design a barcode tracking, data capture and collection system tailored to your business to provide a solution free of the limitations of off-the-shelf packages.

This includes fixed asset tracking for vehicles, IT equipment, plant and machinery.

It’s vital that you know an item’s location, value, condition, owner, maintenance, expiry dates and whether its available.

Our effective asset tracking solution allows you to create customer fields and alerts reports, which get mimicked onto the mobile app to ensure all requirements are met.

Control and automation

The control system is at the centre of all automation systems; therefore, it is essential that it is not only highly functional but able to provide an intuitive interface.

Our systems can save significant amounts of time, with the ability to read and upload 6,000 parcels an hour! We can specify and design a control system for most automation requirements.

Whether you need single automation systems, or multi-station systems with remote panels, our specialist team will be able to help!

Control and Automation


We start with your system then make it more efficient.

We design and deliver bespoke barcode scanning and control systems for your automation requirements.


Flexible solutions

ExPD online fixed scanners are standalone and can be installed over existing conveyors.

Datalogic and Zebra handheld scanners offer outstanding performance and reliability through the different scanning options: laser, linear or area-imaging technologies. The standard, rugged, or antimicrobial add-ons means they can be used in any environment, and are sustainable over long periods of time.

Internal Mail Tracking

Visitor & Contractor Managment

Contact-free Smart Lockers

Bespoke Barcode Tracking

Bespoke adaptations for the transport and logistics sector

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Smart Lockers by ExPD

All our products integrate seamlessly with our bespoke ExPD Smart Locker systems making our smart technology even smarter.

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Above & Beyond   |   The ExPD service guarantee

We want every client who buys an ExPD product to be delighted. That’s how we’ve grown our business to become a leading provider of software solutions for businesses.

The ExPD Guarantee ensures you have the support you need to deploy and use your system, while in the background we continue to grow your products and give you enhanced and new functionality.

Trusted and accredited

We understand the importance of compliance. That’s why ExPD is an ISO registered company. Whether compliance relates to our own business processes (ISO9001) or applies to data security (ISO27001), it is key that as a company providing SaaS, our solutions meet these criteria.

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