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Visitor management is a crucial aspect of running a modern office. Efficiently managing people can enhance security, improve efficiency and create a positive first impression – for clients, visitors and contractors.

With a robust visitor management solution, such as SkyVisitor, your office can streamline the sign-in process, ensure regulatory compliance and maintain a safe environment for all who enter your building.

Here’s more about the significance of a visitor management system and why we recommend it for your building.

A visitor management solution streamlines the sign-in process

Paper and pen sign-in and long reception desk lines are customer experiences that businesses simply can’t afford anymore.

A visitor management solution automates this process – freeing up reception desk staff from having to sign visitors in and out by hand. Visitors can simply use a tablet interface to scan their ID or enter their information.

SkyVisitor can even provide pass numbers or keys or include a unique QR code for contact-free, speedy check-in from a mobile phone or QR scanner.

It allows for advanced check-in

If your visitor is pre-booked for a meeting, SkyVisitor can send them a QR code before their arrival. On the day, they just need to turn up and scan themselves in.

To make things even easier, the email containing the QR code is fully customisable so you can include information such as which entrance to arrive at and how to request and be assigned a parking space.

Smart phone wallet integration means visitors can add a SkyVisitor pass to their iPhone or Android – there’s no need to search through emails to find a QR code.

Photo badges can be pre-printed for planned arrivals through the integrated visitor photo badge system.

Plus, if you have regular visitors, our system allows you to select a tick box that makes it a regular occurrence.

It enhances security and safety

With an effective visitor management solution in place, you can control and monitor who enters your premises, reducing the risk of unauthorised access.

By requiring visitors to register upon arrival, you can maintain a record of who is in the building and where, and quickly identify any potential security threats.

It ensures regulatory compliance

When it comes to compliance, depending on your industry, you may be required to collect certain information from everyone who enters your organisation’s building.

An advantage of SkyVisitor is that you can build in necessary screening questions into your check-in process so that you can capture the right information and store it securely for data and privacy protection.

Data can also be held for as long as you need it, in line with GDPR and your privacy policy. You may wish to hold data of visits for 18 months but delete the image of the visitor after three months.

It makes a good first impression

While a visitor may come in with an idea of your business due to reputation or research, for most businesses, a visitor’s first impression is going to come when they first enter the building.

By having a comprehensive visitor management system at your entrance you’re showing every guest that you take both their security and the security of your employees seriously. You’re also showing professionalism by swapping a pen and paper for sign-in with a smart tablet self-check-in system in its place.

Notes can be added to visitors for when they arrive, this can include how they like their tea or coffee. It could also include how to pronounce names.

It allows you to scale to new locations

A visitor management solution like SkyVisitor is fully scalable, so it can be applied to multiple site locations, ensuring you provide a consistent, high-quality visitor experience across your different workplaces.

You can scale to accommodate new entry points, new teams, or even entirely new sites. Report on activity at different offices and have different rules and workflows for visitors at each location.

It gives you custom reports

SkyVisitor’s online portal gives you access to dynamic lists of expected, arrived and departed visitors and the ability to produce reports on visitor statistics, trends, volumes, no-shows and much more.

You can create your own custom reports and have these saved in the system for approve team members to view.

It supports contractor management

As well as visitors it’s important not to forget the likelihood of contractors entering your building. SafeWorks can be integrated with SkyVisitor to help you manage the process of onboarding the approved contractor company, checking and storing Insurance docs and RAMS (with automatic expiry reminders), Inductions for each individual, checking of qualifications and certifications, Time & Attendance, ID & Access & Banning, and Permit to Work issue and hand back – giving you a complete and powerful 360-degree auditable solution.

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