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Happy National Barcode Day! This year marks a significant milestone – the 50th anniversary of the barcode.

Since its inception, the barcode has transformed from a simple pattern of lines into a cornerstone of modern commerce and logistics. Today, we are excited to celebrate this technology by highlighting how our innovative solutions – OmniPost, Sky Visitor (a Visitor Management System, and Asset Tracking – are continuing to push the boundaries of what barcodes can achieve.

The evolution of the barcode

Barcodes have come a long way since their first use in a supermarket in 1974. What started as a method for speeding up checkouts and managing inventory has now expanded into a versatile tool used across various industries – from retail to medical.

Today, barcodes enable efficient tracking and management of assets, visitors, and deliveries, enhancing operational efficiency and security.

ExPD’s OmniPost – streamlining inbound parcel management

Our OmniPost internal mail tracking solution is designed to streamline and optimise your mail management process. Using advanced barcode technology, OmniPost offers:

Real-time tracking: Upon arrival at your mailroom or reception, a barcode on a package is scanned into our OmniPost web or mobile app. This tracks the live status of a parcel in the system, showing who took delivery, who the parcel is for, exact temporary storage location, progress as it moves through the system, handover information and evidence of delivery with a signature ID scan. This ensures complete visibility and accountability.

Automated notifications: Recipients receive custom notifications via email when their package has arrived. This reduces uncertainty around the parcel’s journey and improves customer satisfaction. Images can be captured to record condition and stages of the delivery process

Secure handling: Barcodes safely manage the distribution of parcels to the person, department or company they are addressed to, minimising the risk of loss or theft. This is particularly crucial for high-value or sensitive items.

Visitor management systems enhance security and efficiency

EXPD’s visitor management system, Sky Visitor, leverages barcode technology to create a seamless and secure visitor experience. Key features include:

Easy check-in and check out Visitors receive a QR code upon registration, which they can scan to quickly check in and out. This reduces wait times and streamlines the process.

Accurate record keeping: Sky Visitor’s online portal allows you to ensure precise tracking of visitor information, including entry and exit times, enhancing security and compliance with regulatory requirements. You can even create your own custom reports, to get meaningful data out of the system.

Customisable access: Different barcode levels can be assigned to visitors based on their access permissions, ensuring that sensitive areas are only accessible to authorised individuals. You can also see when a visitor has moved between areas at your site.

By integrating barcodes into visitor management, EXPD provides a robust solution that enhances both security and efficiency.

Asset tracking – maximising control

Effective asset management is crucial for operational efficiency and cost control. EXPD’s asset tracking solutions harnesses the power of barcodes to offer:

Comprehensive visibility: Whether its vehicles, plant and machinery, tools, documents or medicines, each asset is assigned a unique barcode, providing complete visibility over its location, status, and history. This helps in preventing loss and optimising asset usage.

Maintenance management: You can schedule and track maintenance activities through barcode scanning, ensuring that all assets are well-maintained and reducing downtime.

Audit and compliance: Simplify audits and ensure compliance with regulations by maintaining an accurate and accessible record of all assets.

EXPD’s barcode tracking solutions empowers businesses to maintain tight control over their assets, driving efficiency and reducing costs.

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