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ExPD Smart Lockers blend technology, security, safety and style in a modular, fully customisable smart locker solution.

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Summit - smart locker software

Our Smart Lockers are controlled with our own Summit technology. This software controls the smart locks which can be integrated with a bespoke plugin for your application.

It runs in the cloud via our secure platform – so a standard internet connection is enough to manage your locker solution.

We can easily configure the Summit software for any type of use, for example, parcel delivery, asset management, day-use (i.e personal belongings), key management or medical inventory.


Simple | Secure | Accountable | Cost Effective

The super-smart handy handover option for parcels, IT equipment, valuables, assets, and keys.
Use wherever safe and accountable delivery and collection is paramount.

Secure, transparent, trackable, accountable

Smart Locker transfers may be convenient, but they are also the most secure way to transfer any item with full traceability and accountability throughout the handover process.


Smart Locker transfers are simple to use and super-convenient.

There’s no need to coordinate delivery and collection, access is 24/7, peak-time queues can be avoided and auto-alerts ensure a smooth handover.

Simple to install

Our Smart Lockers are fully customisable, simple to install and simple to use, with superb technology developed by our own in-house team.

You can customise your lockers, the style, the colours, the materials, the branding, the alerts, even the access mechanisms. Our team will be there to help with planning and design.

Smart Locks - retrofitting to your existing lockers

We can also retrofit your existing lockers – we’ll simply swap your old key or combination locks with our Smart Locks, connect it to the internet wirelessly and then you enjoy a fully managed smart locker system. That way, it’s easy to transform existing cupboards and cabinets into safe, secure, smart storage.

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What's your style?

Superb technology and usability are at the centre of the ExPD Smart Lockers. But style matters.

That’s why our lockers are tailor-made for your needs, depending on whether cost, durability, content or style are your driving factors.

Form and Function

Our form and function range offers excellent value for money for locations where the demand is for functionality first and foremost (without compromising quality).

There is no pre-defined format, the lockers can be any size and shape and built to provide you with the best selection of door sizes to suit your own needs.  The key is to deliver a quality product that will provide the functionality required and withstand daily use.  Requiring only power and an internet connection (wired, WiFi or 4G), a locker config can be delivered ready to go in a fairly quick time, and as a modular approach, the system can be enhanced as demand increases.

To further enhance the product, the interface (integrated app) is designed to provide the most intuitive operation for clients, couriers and admin staff. This, together with a white label approach to both the ‘wrap’ branding and the APP,  means a locker config from ExPD is specific to you.



For locations where style and aesthetics are as important as functionality, our prestige ranges are a perfect solution.

For corporate headquarters, interior-designed receptions, funky and stylised spaces and prestigious residential apartments, the ranges are bespoke designed to blend seamlessly with interiors whether contemporary or traditional.

As well as build materials, the lockers can be tailored with wrap branding and custom APP design to personalise to any environment.

ISO Accredited | GDPR Compliant

ExPD Smart Lockers can be integrated with any of our other products, ensuring you have the best product on the market, supported by the very best service.

Planning and installation

Our super-friendly UK-based team is here to help you when it comes to planning your Smart Lockers. Modular in design, they can accommodate hundreds of configurations.

Our assessment of the location and your needs ensures you have the system that is right for you, with future-proofing built-in through modular extensions.

Installation of the interface and the Smart Lockers themselves is undertaken by our own teams, and training, online or on-site, is always provided.


Working with one of our experts,  we can guide you both on the locker build/configuration and ensure the interface (APP) provides the functionality you require.


Your Smart Locker questions answered

Our Smart Lockers are very simple to install and to use and our UK-based team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

How do we make sure items are put in the right size locker?

When loading a locker, the user will be asked what locker size is required. The system then opens the most appropriate available locker.  (Note we always suggest the big lockers at the bottom due to handling size and weight of items).

Your SmartLocker questions answered.

How do get a price and proposal to use your lockers?

Contact the team,, or call on 01730 710100.  We will have some basic questions, after which we should be able to give you a very rough idea of cost and the pricing mechanism. If it sounds interesting, then we’d be looking at getting finer detail and providing a fully costed proposal.

Your SmartLocker questions answered.

What size are the lockers?

The lockers are built to suit the customer. We can build with various sized doors and a mix.  We can supply as towers and add as many as you need,  making the entire build bespoke to the customer.

Your SmartLocker questions answered.

How do we load the locker using the system?

Using either a mobile app or using the Locker integrated tablet interface.  The operator would select the Addressee or Address  (depending on whether this information is public facing) – select the item size, number of items and request LOAD. The door opens, items get loaded,  and when tje door closes the Addressee gets notified of delivery with a collection code.

Your SmartLocker questions answered.

I need to send different notification emails depending on various criteria of items loaded, is this possible?

Yes, by adding in user-defined fields to manage your criteria the system then sends specific emails/SMS messages. These specific emails could include ‘perishable item’ and ‘large heavy item’.

Your SmartLocker questions answered.

How long is the data in the system held for?

This is configurable by you. You are able to store data for up to 36 months.

Your SmartLocker questions answered.

What information can I get from the Items loaded?

The system has a selection of standard fields including package type, courier, recipient and many more. If there are any custom fields you would like for your organisation, for example a purchase order number, you can simply add these to tailor your system.

Your SmartLocker questions answered.

Can I view the system from anywhere?

Yes. The system is web-based and you can access it from any PC, whether that’s in the post room, your office or even when you’re working from home. The system can be locked down though to prevent access from outside the business if this is required.

Your SmartLocker questions answered.

How do we add new Addressees?

New addressees can be added very simply via the homepage. It is a simple case of typing in their information and data will be saved.  Additionally, the addressees can be updated by auto-import from an external source.

Your SmartLocker questions answered.

Does the locker system need a permanent connection to the internet?

The lockers require an internet connection back to the host application,. The mobile app requires an internet connection only at the point of loading the locker.

Your SmartLocker questions answered.

How do we manage items in the Lockers which don't get collected?

A common question! Alerts are configured by you defining what period of time items can be held for.  After that the ‘operator’ is able to retrieve the item(s) and update the system, which auto-notifies the addressee that their item is no longer available in the locker ,and what action they have to take (eg collect from an office).

Your SmartLocker questions answered.

If I need support who do I contact?

There is a ticketing system built into the SmartLocker system so you can raise an issue if you find one. Alternatively, call us and we are happy to help resolve your issue.

Your SmartLocker questions answered.

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