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Using our in-house development team and backed by 30 years of experience, ExPD offers bespoke barcode tracking and inspection systems.

Built by us with your business in mind

We can design a barcode tracking, data capture and collection system tailored to your business to provide a solution free of the limitations of off-the-shelf packages.

We work closely with you to understand your business’s needs. We offer a free initial consultation – one of our experts will listen to your challenges and recommend an approach.

If you choose to go ahead, we then develop, test and implement a fully bespoke barcode tracking application that meets your exact requirements with appropriate integration into your systems as required.

Our bespoke barcode tracking applications include, but are not limited to:

  • Fixed asset tracking – vehicles, IT equipment, plant and machinery (powered by Asset-i)
  • Inspections – Production QC testing, vehicle inspections, building checks (asbestos), health and safety checks. (powered by OmniCheck)
  • Data capture and collection – Charity donation and collection apps, custom surveys, sample tracking, stock control and inventory, photo capture apps
  • Building/access solutions – Car park management, asset storage solutions, Paxton access control integration.
  • IT Apps – VT client for Chromebook/ChromePad – built to client-specific requirements.

Simple | Secure | Accountable | Cost Effective

Barcode tracking

Database-driven barcode tracking

At the core of every bespoke barcode tracking solution is a database which ExPD hosts and manages for you in the cloud, using the AWS environment to provide you with the very best security, reliability and performance.

From there, we can provide cloud-based solutions which provide the most flexible and accessible deployment and use, and mobile apps for Android and iOS. In all cases we use the latest technology to provide seamless integration with existing systems, and an intuitive interface.


Internal mail tracking tech support

With you all the way

We want every team that works with us to be delighted, with our installation, the product and our service.

That’s why we don’t insist on a minimum contract term, and how we’ve grown our business to become a leading provider of barcode tracking, data capture and collection systems.

Your subscription ensures your system develops as you do and is always up to date. All backed, of course, by the ExPD Above & Beyond service guarantee.

FREE 30 minute consultation


Cloud portal and PDA, phone and tablet apps

Asset Management

Asset management with Asset-i is simple and speedy, but above all provides accurate meaningful information. Whether tracking IT assets, vehicles, plant & machinery, tools, documents, medicines, and so on, it’s imperative that knowledge of the item is available, location, value, condition, owner, maintenance, expiry dates etc. Asset-i provides the flexibility to create customer fields, alerts reports, all of which get mimicked onto the mobile app to ensure all application requirements are met.

Maintenance, auto-alerts and reminders

Each asset has its future mapped on its record through barcode tracking technology, and milestones in that future are recorded on registration and updated through its life.

Maintenance checks, warranty expiries and proposed dates for de-commissioning, all feature in that future and alerts are automatically triggered to ensure they are not missed.

Rolling actions such as servicing are recorded as they are undertaken, and condition of the asset also updated on its record.

Asset/Inventory Auditing

Regular Audits of Assets and Inventory ensures data is kept up to date. Using a mobile device or PDA, the interface allows for a location selection, followed by scanning the barcodes of the assets at that location. The resulting information is missing assets (which get reconciled if subsequently found elsewhere) and new found assets which can be adopted to that location – the net result is we continue to know the whereabouts of expensive critical assets.

Asset disposal

Although Asset-i has been designed to ensure assets cannot simply be deleted without trace, the system has the capacity to include detailed records of disposals and upgrades via barcode tracking and data collection.


Control is dependent on easy access to data, so Asset-i includes a host of reporting and viewing mechanisms.

The customisable Asset-i Dashboard provides an at-a-glance overview of headline data. Simple-to-apply filters deliver data on specific fields which can easily be extracted to CSV or PDF format.

The Report builder can be configured to deliver the exact information you need and can be programmed to auto-generate and email reports.

Quick Access View provides instantaneous and simple graphical representations of the asset database.

Location View outlines asset geography and can be drilled down to present a list of assets at any location.

Group View enables all assets of a particular type or category to be viewed as a single list, regardless of location and the total quantity of items is summarised.

Tailoring Asset-i to work your way

It’s simple to tailor our barcode tracking system so it works exactly the way you do.

  • Create and manage asset locations specific to your organisational needs
  • Define and manage asset group categories
  • Easily export asset data to CSV or PDF format
  • Build and customise reports with automated scheduling
  • Configure recurring events and trigger alerts
  • Manage and track stock and consumable items within your asset register using the inventory module
  • Customise and tailor asset records to capture only the information needed
  • Manage configurable drop-down lists
  • Define system and mobile users, assigning user access levels
  • Integrate Asset-i with our SMARTlocker solution
  • Integrate Asset-i with our custom app build services
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ISO Accredited | GDPR Compliant

Your questions answered.

How do I create asset label barcodes for scanning?

Barcode tracking labels can be printed directly from the application, using a desktop or mobile printer supplied.

Can I view the system from anywhere?

Yes. The system is web-based so you can access it from any PC with an internet connection even when you’re working from home. The system can of course be locked down to prevent access from outside the business.

What information can I include about an asset?

Our bespoke barcode tracking application includes a range of standard fields including type, asset number, serial number, location, purchase date and supplier etc.

It also includes a built-in design feature, enabling users to customise asset records. If there are any custom fields you would like for your organisation, for example a legacy system number, you can simply add these fields and remove those you don’t.

Can I add photos to my asset records?

Yes,  using a mobile device (iOS or Android) scan the asset, select Image capture and your photos, videos etc will be added to the DB record.

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We want every client who buys an ExPD product to be delighted. That’s how we’ve grown our business to become a leading provider of software solutions for businesses.

The ExPD Guarantee ensures you have the support you need to deploy and use your system, while in the background we continue to grow your products and give you enhanced and new functionality.

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