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Medicine stock

Smart, secure and safe medicine stock management solution for storing, tracking and dispensing medication in pharmacies and hospitals.

Monitor, check, store and securely dispense medications

MICS, (Medicine Inventory Control System), our advanced Medicine Stock Management System increases the speed and accuracy of issuing medications in busy pharmacies and hospitals, while reducing reportable clinical incidents, paperwork and the risk of errors.

MICS is a complete solution that integrates leading inventory control software with secure smart locks and lockers that are only opened once your prescribing process has been followed exactly. Our advanced inventory control software gives you complete visibility and control over the location of your medical supplies and who has accessed them.

Some of the benefits of using MICS include:

  • Reduced reportable clinical incidents
  • Increased speed and accuracy when issuing meds
  • Gain complete visibility and control of all medical inventory
  • Meds and CDs are inaccessible to all but the issuing prescriber
  • Manage inventory by batch number, expiry date and time in stock

Your medical supplies are managed by item, batch number and expiry date, reducing stock wastage and the risk of recalled or expired stock being issued. Recalled batches of medical supplies can be instantly identified and removed from supply chain and stock nearing its expiry date is prioritised over other items.

As a paperless system, MICS is easier to learn and use than paper-based alternatives, creates less wastage and is more environmentally friendly. This reduces the burden of training and users are assigned the appropriate access based on their clinical status and role within your organisation.

Based on our Smart Locker technology and using healthcare asset tracking software specifically designed for pharmacies, it’s a smart, secure and safe solution for storing, tracking and dispensing medication in hospitals and other healthcare environments.

It’s simple, and cost-effectively delivers significant enhancements to the control of meds, saving time, improving medicine stock management and auditing and delivering automated accountability – minimising the risks of theft, fraud, stock wastage (date stock rotation) and human error.

Safe | Secure | Transparent

How does MICS (Medicine Inventory Control System) work?

Your MICS system

Upgrading from a basic manual two-authenticator, paper system is simple with MICS. Access to medication lockers/doors is automated and controlled. Our professional medicine stock management system means stocks are rotated easily and recorded impeccably.

Weekly inventory audits are simple to undertake with a mobile scanner, mobile phone or tablet.

Reporting is also automated, alerting inconsistencies and tracking access to lockers with issues.

The system saves time, improves safety and security and adds a layer of accountability while also delivering cost-efficiencies.

Creating your medications database

Our specialists work with you to create a bespoke database of the medications and products used in your hospital or healthcare setting. This can be updated at any time.  Alternatively at an extra subscription cost you can connect your database to the GS1 (GTIN) DataMatrix code look-up database.

The medical stock management system manages items that are individually serialised by use-by date and batch number and by applying a unique code to other items we are able to offer 100% accurate traceability of all items from the moment they are checked in, to the time when they are released for dispensing against a patient case no.

A range of security levels can be accommodated for more secure items – which includes a secondary authorisation PIN being required to access items deemed highest risk.

Checking medications in

When medication or products are delivered, the person receiving them logs the products using our simple data entry system – they start typing the name of the product and the form auto-completes to save time.  In most instances scanning the DataMatrix code provides all the information to uniquely identify and log the item.

Where an item doesn’t carry the GTIN (DataMatrix code) the database is pre-configured to identify whether a product requires a unique serial number. It asks for relevant information such as a use-by date and batch number – the user keys in the data and  then applies a barcode sticker onto the product and scans it using a simple handheld device,  we then have the item uniquely tagged and prepped for dispensing.

The system tells the user which cupboard or locker will be used to store the medical inventory. The storage space is automatically unlocked using an app so the item can be securely held until it is checked out.

Checking medications out

When it is time to dispense medication or access a medical product, the pharmacist or authorised user types the name of the product into the app. The app then tells the user the exact barcoded box or product to use and where to get it from.

The user enters a secure PIN to unlock the correct cupboard or locker and scans the product.

The medical stock management app then checks that it is the correct product and alerts the user if there is an error. Other information such as the patient case number,  whether it’s a chargeable prescription, the pharmacist username, quantities etc are also recorded to ensure complete traceability of every item.

The medication is then made available to the patient.

Simple auditing and accountability

As an advanced medical inventory management system, MICS enables regular audits – users simply scan the contents of lockers or cupboards and the system matches the stock against its records of items checked in and out.

An alert is issued if a discrepancy is found. Comprehensive records of exactly what has been checked out, when and by whom, enable a full audit trail.

  • Removal of paper logs of meds access
  • Easy access to stock, using PIN access or a dual PIN if required
  • Stock management/rotation – ensure correct dated product is used
  • Secure SmartLocked storage of meds is an option
  • Validation of product selected by scanning unique barcode on packaging
  • Audit meds to ensure stock is as expected
  • History of all locker or cupboard access to assist with any audit issues
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Datalogic Memor 11

The Memor 11 is sleek, compact and has a durable design, making it easy to carry and use in a variety in a healthcare environment. It is the ideal device for busy hospitals and pharmacies where durability is essential. It also offers versatile Smart Battery Management, which allows users to extend battery life up to 20%.

Case study

Setting the standards of controlling Pharmacy meds

Practice Plus deploy MICS (Medicine Inventory Control System), reducing cost and enhancing the patient experience.


FREE consultation

Getting started with medicine stock management

The ExPD team is UK-based, super friendly and knowledgeable, so getting started with MICS is simple.

Before you buy, we host an online demonstration to see MICS in action and we undertake a full, pre-sale consultancy and application review on-site to be sure you get the right components to achieve your objectives.

We train your team on how to use the system and are always on hand for ongoing support and maintenance.


With you all the way

We want every team that works with MICS to be delighted with our installation, the product and our service.

That’s why we don’t insist on a minimum contract term, and how we’ve grown our business to become a leading provider of inventory control systems.

Your subscription ensures your system develops as you do and is always up to date. All backed, of course, by the ExPD Above & Beyond service guarantee.


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Medicines Inventory Control System (MICS)

MICS report

How smarter stock management can improve patient care and save expense for hospitals, pharmacies and healthcare environments.


Peter CheethamDeputy Clinician, Practice Plus Group

We worked closely with the ExPD team to implement the MICS system – our main contacts Adrian and Phil could not have been any more attentive, they really cared about the solution and fully understood the need to ensure process is followed and they delivered a solution which surpassed our expectation.

Your MICS (Medicine Inventory Control System) questions answered.

Can I fit the MICS Smart locks to any existing cupboards?

We enjoy a challenge!  The quick answer is we’d like to think so,  we have done this for some customers already.  Please get in touch and we’ll review with you and discuss the options.

Does the system work without the Smart Locks?

Absolutely, in fact it’s a great way to get started.  Use the software and APP to manage the Meds,  and retrospectively add lockers/or smart locks on cupboards only after the system is proven.

How do we identify medicines when we book them in?

Virtually all items tracked in the Pharma world carry a Matrix barcode which holds important info, Part No, Batch No, Serial No and Use by dates.  When we scan into the system, this is auto populated which then creates the unique item for tracking.

Can we use new Smart Lockers and our existing cupboards?

Yes,  the key to the operation is fitting the right controller to manage the physical locks, whether adding locks to existing doors or supplying new Smart Lockers.

What's the benefit of using SmartLockers over our existing cupboards?

Control – the fewer different part numbers in one location the easier it is to keep control.  A combination of smaller super secure lockers/drawers along with some stock cupboards seems to be best solution.

How do we manage the GSi (GTIN) barcodes?

We either import from your existing stock list, or we connect you to the GS1 global DB (a small additional subscription).

How do we install the software?

The PC software is a website, so nothing to install.   The mobile app is provided at install by our skilled technicians or can be downloaded by the user.

Does MICS manage overflow stock?

Yes,  it controls the meds in both the Pickface (cupboards/lockers) and also any bulk locations.  It also has the option of tracking products into the STAT locations.

How does the system control the opening of the locks?

There are various functions of the mobile APP – Load, Audit, Remove, & Dispense,  all of which require the locks to be disengaged. Assuming the correct permission level and secondary PIN (where required), the user is able to confirm they are in the correct location (Scan local QR code). Then they select a door, the system opens it and the user continues with the process of scanning the items relevant to the operation they are carrying out.

How much does the system cost?

It really depends on the number of users, number mobiles devices required, what features you require and whether you add Smart Locks or Lockers etc.  The system is provided on a low capital cost and there is an annual subscription to access the portal.  Contact ExPD to discuss your requirement – it’s probably a much lower cost than you’d think.

If you still have questions, call us for a chat now.


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