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No doubt post, parcels, documents and even tech devices are received by your office building every day.

These parcels need to be distributed and often it’s the job of reception or mailroom staff to hand-deliver them to the correct person or department. This isn’t always the most secure and during busy periods you risk delays, or worse – losing packages.

Luckily, we have a solution! OmniPost Internal parcel tracking is the best way to ensure the safety and security of these parcels.

With tracking technology you can easily see where your packages are along every step of their journey, ensuring clear oversight and reducing costs associated with lost or damaged parcels.

Here’s five reasons why we recommend internal parcel tracking…

  1. Internal parcel tracking saves you time and money

Often, staff aren’t at their desks when parcel deliveries are attempted. This leads to repeat delivery attempts, possibly parcels going missing and as a result, time and cost spent replacing lost goods.

With an efficient internal parcel tracking system, like OmniPost, time spent logging parcels, processing and tracking them is minimal and your mailroom becomes safer and mess free.

When a parcel arrives at your building, an employee will scan the barcode on the package into the web app, mobile computer, tablet or phone. A text or email notification is then sent to the recipient. Items can then be stored ready for the recipient or prepped for delivery or collection. The barcode scan is the proof of delivery – easy!

Whether you have mailroom or admin staff that handle deliveries, the time that they spend delivering parcels could be reallocated to more productive activities, saving time and reducing the cost of mail management.

  1. It reduces risk of loss or theft

Package theft is more common now than ever, as online purchases continue to soar. Research by Quadient found parcel theft had risen by 57% in 2023, with the average reported value of a stolen parcel £66.50.

Our OmniPost internal parcel tracking system can prevent this, by giving you complete visibility and accountability for your parcels, showing you who received it, who it is for, where it is currently stored, how it is moving through the system, who delivered it and photos and proof of delivery signature or ID card scan.

Importantly recipients can also have access to this information and because they are alerted to the whereabouts of their item(s), they can change delivery instructions if needed.

  1. It can be integrated with Smart Locker software

Integrating OmniPost internal parcel tracking system with our Summit, Smart Locker software, means your parcels can be kept in a secure location until the recipient is ready to collect them. Does your office practice hybrid working? No problem. Our lockers store all packages for 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so items can be collected when employees are next in the building.

If you have a large office space that requires multiple lockers, one for each department, for example, we can easily configure the optimal set up for you. Lockers are custom-made for each location, so they can be built to fit whatever space is available – and designed to complement the look and feel of the building.

  1. It provides complete visibility of data

Our OmniPost system not only makes the process of delivering parcels more efficient and accurate, but the reporting side is streamlined too.

If a delivery is ever questioned, your team can quickly locate the record and send the recipient a complete proof of delivery.

Reports can be configured in the OmniPost mobile or web app, so you have access to the data you need. From dates, times, processing issues, peaks and troughs of deliveries – you can be alerted to this information to help with resource planning and improving services.

Access to the system data allows you to tailor OmniPost so it works exactly the way you like to. This includes customisable email and SMS messaging to update users on parcel status and the ability to set rules and alerts by location.

  1. An Internal parcel tracking system is accessible in the office and on the go

Automating your mailroom with an internal parcel tracking system means you don’t have to physically be in the building to track and record parcels.

Hosted in the Cloud, OmniPost works with any iOS or Android phone, tablet or computer, and works both online and offline – so you don’t need a permanent internet connection.

At ExPD, we can also provide compatible hardware from our partners such as Zebra and Datalogic to deliver excellent performance.

As well as supporting your mailroom team, internal parcel tracking from ExPD removes your time-consuming and outdated paper systems and replaces them with a smart, intelligent, flexible and time-efficient solution.

If you have any questions or would like to speak to our specialists about how OmniPost can work for you, email