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Students love to shop online – a survey found that 92% of those in higher education bought from the internet at least once a month, with clothes and accessories, tech and mobile and health and beauty among the most popular purchases.

All those parcels have to be delivered – but having them sent to a campus building or halls of residence carries the risk that parcels go missing or are stolen.

Thankfully, smart lockers are here to help. ExPD lockers make package delivery and pickup easy and secure. Here’s why.


When a parcel is delivered and placed inside a secure smart locker by the courier, students will receive an automated email notifying them of their delivery.

For the reception, it frees up space while keeping packages highly organised. Our smart lockers can be installed anywhere with access to power and an internet connection (wired, WiFi or 4G).

Secure parcel storage

What’s worse than a late package? A stolen package. This can cost universities time and money, looking for lost or stolen parcels. Not to mention, this only makes student life more stressful. That’s why safe and secure delivery of packages is one of the top benefits of smart locker systems.

Here’s how our system is secure:

  • Students are sent locker access codes that are specific to them. That way, no package falls into the wrong hands.
  • Lockers store the parcels 24/7 which means they stay in one place until the recipient wants to pick them up.
  • Only people authorised by the system can open lockers. That means authorised staff and the student only.

Low maintenance

When students finish a long day of lectures, they will never have to wait in line to retrieve their parcels. Students can also expect to avoid, busy receptions and inflexible pickup times with a smart locker system.

Smart Lockers can be opened 24/7 and are easy to use. That means the delivery process is streamlined, convenient and pain free. Couriers no longer need to leave parcels with reception staff, they can be taken straight to the smart locker.


ExPD smart lockers come with a user-friendly tablet interface, which makes it simple for couriers or staff to load and students to pick up post.

When a parcel arrives all the courier needs to do is select the Addressee, select the item size, number of items and request LOAD. The door opens, items get loaded and when the door closes the recipient will be notified of delivery.

Along with confirmation of delivery, the student is sent a code. This code needs to be keyed into the locker interface in order for the correct locker door to open.


Universities around the country are currently spending an unnecessary amount of time and money on inefficient delivery systems. Instead, you should be investing in smart, streamlined solutions and hardware to increase customer (student) satisfaction and save them money.

Smart lockers bring cost savings to the university where staff are no longer needed to coordinate deliveries and track mail. Also, package liability is no longer a problem so no money is lost for universities trying to recover packages or students missing out on their goods.

Customisable to suit your needs

With a smart locker solution from ExPD, there is no pre-defined format, the lockers can be any size and shape and built to provide you with the best selection of door sizes to suit your needs.

And, with our expert team, we have your back when it comes to support. Available 24/7, we can be reached by email, phone and a ticketing system within the app.

If you’d like to chat with one of our team about a smart locker solution, send us a message via