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During the pandemic we became a nation of online shoppers. According to Ofcom data, Brits spent £113bn online in 2020, which is a rise of 48% on the previous year.

Online spending shows no signs of slowing and as more people are making the move back to the office, secure and trackable parcel delivery could be a convenient office “perk”. In fact, this kind of workplace benefit can not only increase employee retention but also save you money.

Here are four reasons why:

More productive teams

Working from home meant we were always around to receive parcel deliveries, but being back in the office could mean parcels are returned because there’s no one at home to sign for them.

​With a shocking number of parcels stolen from doorsteps each day, staff may feel the need to rush home early to make sure they arrive in time for their delivery or have to take a day off if they need to be at home between 9am and 5pm to wait for it.

This causes both stress to the employee, as well as a decrease in their productivity. They’re leaving work early and they’re also checking online to see if their package has been safely delivered.

Having an internal mail tracking system means receiving your parcel at your desk or getting an instant notification instructing you how to retrieve it. Once the employee has picked it up, the system notes that the package has made it safely to its owner.

This not only provides an incentive for employees to stay at the office until their package is delivered, but it also removes the productivity issue. They won’t need to rush home to get their item, and they won’t need to constantly check to see if it has been delivered. No work time lost and no package anxiety!

Better work/life balance

Work/life balance has been in question since the start of the pandemic, particularly whether employees are achieving it working from home. Many employers let staff work flexible hours to look after children or work some days in the office and some at home. Employees could have expectations to continue working this way in the office, so employers must become more flexible and adjust employee perks at work to make room for personal business.

Being able to receive deliveries at work is a perk for employees who don’t have to worry about missing deliveries at home. The idea of a convenient, secure way of having their parcels delivered means they no longer feel they have to take time off to be in for deliveries or work late into the evening to compensate for finishing early.

There’s a strong link between workers’ happiness and productivity. Giving workers small perks such as parcel delivery makes a big difference to morale and job satisfaction.

Time and cost

Internal mail tracking speeds up the receiving and delivery process.

Whether you have mailroom or admin staff that handle deliveries, the time that they had spent delivering parcels could be reallocated to more productive activities, saving time and reducing the cost of mail management.

Often, staff aren’t even at their desks when deliveries are attempted. This leads to repeat delivery attempts, possibly even to parcels going missing with the resulting time and cost of replacing lost goods.

With an efficient tracking system, time spent logging parcels, processing them and tracking them is minimal and your reception or mailroom becomes safer and mess-free.

Internal mail tracking is great for companies to bring a much-needed service to employees without sacrificing time or expense.

Why choose OmniPost?

All within a cloud-based software and mobile app, OmniPost is an advanced internal mail tracking system that monitors your parcels from the moment they are received in the building to when they are handed to your employees.

How does it work?

When a parcel arrives at your mailroom or reception, an employee will scan the barcode on the package into the web app, mobile computer, tablet or phone. A text or email notification is then sent to the recipient. Items can then either be stored ready for the recipient or prepped for delivery or collection, the barcode scan is the proof of delivery – easy!

Package tracking after delivery (Proof of Delivery)

Will employees pick up their package at reception, the mailroom, or will someone bring it to them directly? Whichever, OmniPost keeps employees updated about the location of the package during and after the delivery process.

Available for IOS and Android, the app can tell you who received the parcel, who it is for, where it is currently stored, how it is moving through the system, who delivered it, photos and finally the proof of delivery signature or ID card.

Streamline the mailroom

An internal mail tracking system like OmniPost improves service to your users – as well as support your internal mailroom team. It mimics the traditional process but removes time-consuming and outdated paper systems and replaces them with a smart, intelligent, flexible, time effective and efficient solution to parcel management tracking.

Curious to learn more about how internal mail tracking can help to create a better workplace experience for your employees?

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