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Parcels getting lost or not reaching their destination on time are just two challenges of an office mailroom, but, it doesn’t have to be this way.

In industries such as retail, healthcare, manufacturing and financial services, businesses are bringing in all kinds of sophisticated tech and innovation to the office – yet why not include the mailroom?

Here are several key reasons why you should automate your mailroom:

Support your mailroom team

During busy periods or times when more mail is coming through the door, your mailroom staff may be pushed to get post and parcels to employees. Luckily, automating your mailroom can take away some of the cumbersome administrative tasks of mailroom management. An internal mail tracking software mimics the traditional process but replaces outdated paper systems with a smart, intelligent, flexible, time effective and efficient solution to parcel management system tracking.

Track your parcels

An internal mail tracking software solution (SaaS)  such as OmniPost is a simple way for you to track the live status of the parcels being delivered to your office. With a few taps of an app you can see who received the parcel, who it is for, where it is currently stored, and how it is moving through the system. Once delivered you’ll have access to who delivered it, photos and proof of the delivery signature or ID card scan.

With OmniPost, you’ll get alerts at each stage of the process and have the opportunity to change delivery instructions if you need to. This saves time, allowing staff to be more productive.

Timely notifications

Without some kind of mailroom software, notifying recipients about their deliveries was a chore. By automating your mailroom, you can notify the recipients about their deliveries in a snap. OmniPost allows you to scan a package and sends an automated email or SMS to the concerned person. This way, the person is notified about the package within a few seconds. Reminders are also sent to the recipient to pick up their packages.

Your reception or mailroom will become safer and mess-free. It also saves time, costs and unnecessary complaints.

Package theft is more common now than ever, but an automated mailroom software reduces the chances of this happening by maintaining a complete chain of custody throughout the package delivery process. The package stays within your building’s mailroom or reception until the recipient picks it up.

Access on the move

Automating your mailroom means that you don’t have to physically be in the office to track and record parcels.

OmniPost Mobile works with any iOS or Android phone, tablet or computer and works both offline and online – so you don’t need a permanent internet connection.

At ExPD, we can also provide compatible hardware from partners such as Zebra, Datalogic and Honeywell to deliver excellent performance.

Secure delivery management

With the help of passwords and encryptions, an internal mail tracking software solution offers tighter security of your data ensuring that access is only given to suitable people. By using a system like OmniPost you can also keep a record of all deliveries and their recipients, which helps track missing packages and make sure parcels reach their owners.

Having a mailroom, there is also the issue of security, as it is a gateway into your business regardless of the size. By having a secure and efficient system in place, it can improve the safety of both your staff and the assets of the business.

Better connected business

Ultimately, mailroom automation can help you improve the resilience of your business and ensure it is well connected. When data is shared quickly and efficiently, work processes become smoother. When you rely on an automated mailroom, you ensure that your mail is still being delivered in times of crisis.

Reduce lost packages, increase package processing numbers, and run a tight ship. Recipients can have accurate updates on the status of the package, get a smoother package pickup process, and have minimal time spent on a trip to the mailroom. With the advantages and benefits of an automated mailroom clear, it is worth your business considering the move to digital.

To learn more about OmniPost and how it can streamline your mailroom management, contact our expert team now.