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In the face of an increasingly challenging economic and regulatory landscape, it has become more important than ever for the transportation sector to ensure compliance and best practice across all business processes as well as their fleet.

No matter what type of transportation business you run, there is constant pressure to innovate and create profitable services despite increasing regulation, network congestion and sustainability demands.

Are you:


  • Struggling to unify your financial, purchasing and asset management/maintenance processes whilst reducing operating costs?
  • Finding disparate systems, manual data re-entry and lack of visibility across processes restricting your ability to improve services and customer satisfaction?
  • Finding it’s not as easy as it should be to expand service offerings or operations across multiple locations?

Industry Challenges

Regardless of what you’re transporting, you require a business solution to help you meet your corporate goals, manage infrastructure, control spend and increase customer loyalty. Consolidation and growth are driving business evolution for transportation companies, and there is the additional challenge of managing a mobile workforce and engaging customers and travellers in an age of increased choice. It is therefore an advantage to be able to provide full visibility over your transport supply chain, while better leveraging resources to optimise your efficiency and reduce costs.

Our leading asset management solution improves your insight into your fleet asset performance, costs and regulatory compliance. With this increased insight comes the opportunity to achieve an even greater return on your investment in vehicles, vans, lorries or other equipment. It can also support your transport operation across multiple sites thanks to a single, integrated web-based platform.

These solutions will also optimise your maintenance. As a result, your maintenance team minimises unscheduled downtime while wringing the most value from preventive parts replacement.

Key Benefits of Asset Management Solutions:


  • Centralised repository for all asset information that can be accessed at anytime from any location – eliminating filing, administration and storage costs.
  • Completely scalable – suiting fleets of one to several thousand with easy to use templates that suit any commercial fleet.
  • Visibility of entire fleet from one screen at all times – supporting single or multiple locations.
  • Reduce downtime & extend the life of your assets by ensuring they are properly maintained with more effective management of defects & routine maintenance schedules.
  • Reduce the cost per asset by 30% in the first year and save over 10% per annum on staff costs with our mobile solutions.
  • Fast and accurate auditing resulting in full compliance with DVSA regulations.

With high fuel costs and driver shortages, it’s now more important than ever to improve the management of your fleet so that you can lower operational costs, improve fleet visibility and driver satisfaction, while complying with regulatory requirements. Properly managing assets allows you to acquire, allocate, operate and remarket smarter.

Simplify your processes, make sense of overwhelming data and store everything about your fleet in one place with our solutions OmniCheck & Asset-i. It will help you track your entire vehicle inventory, asset status history, driver assignments, important dates and more — all in one place.


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