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Now we’re (hopefully) on the other side of the pandemic, many businesses have moved back to the workplace.

For some, the office is no longer worth the commute every day. For others it’s a case of coming in two or three times a week or just for meetings. This hybrid way of working means that employees are splitting time between work and home and as a result many companies have adopted hotdesking – either by offering space that can be booked, or on an ad-hoc basis.

All very agile, smart and “new normal”! But it begs one question – where do people keep their belongings? Some of it will go back and forth between home and the office, but contents that would otherwise live in desk drawers, in trays and on desktops have to go somewhere.

Being back at work also raises the issue of parcel deliveries. The rise in online shopping means that packages need to be delivered somewhere when people aren’t at home – and often the office is the most convenient place, even if the recipient isn’t always there.

There is a solution, and it’s smart!  Office-based smart lockers provide self-service storage, contactless deliveries and protect personal belongings and business assets.

Here’s a look at what your hybrid workplace could gain from a Smart Locker system.

Safe and secure parcel delivery

If your business is already working to a hybrid model you’ll have thought carefully about the way your office functions. But did you consider internal and external deliveries? You can’t rely on your team being at the same desk every day. They might be homeworking for half of the week, and on different floors entirely on some days if you’re hotdesking.

With your team spread across locations, ensuring your people receive post, parcels, stationery or even IT equipment becomes twice as hard. This is where Smart Lockers come in. Smart storage lockers mean business mail can be kept in a secure location until staff are free to collect their goods.

Improve mailroom efficiency

Did you know that Smart Lockers automatically manage all the admin process of mailroom tracking? This greatly reduces the burden on your mailroom teams to keep stock of which parcels have been delivered where. Individuals are contacted when the item was received, and when it was collected. It even sends reminder messages and alerts if the Smart Locker hasn’t been accessed.

If your workforce flexes between different locations or if hot-desking is in use, the mailroom will not always know each employee’s exact whereabouts. Smart Lockers solve these issues quickly, keeping parcels safe until they can be picked up, and prevent collection mix ups.

Keeping your belongings safe

Having a secure location to keep personal belongings is reassuring to employees. They might want to leave paperwork or a device in the office overnight – and with Smart Lockers, you can.

Smart Lockers are fitted with remote locking. This allows keyless and contactless entry using a personal code or your company ID card. There’s no need to worry about lost keys or administrators being locked out of lockers.

Covid-secure, contact free

One of the most critical parts of welcoming employees back to the workplace is the promise of a covid-secure environment.

By using smart locker systems, it is possible to drop off and pick up items in a safe way – as they provide touchless experience. ExPD Smart Lockers ensure handovers of any kind, parcels, keys or medications are contact-free.

Plus, an added benefit of lockers is the separation between work and home life. Leaving laptops and paperwork in the office at the end of the day can help those struggling with work/life balance and the related mental health issues associated with homeworking during the pandemic.

Flexible to meet your needs

Customisable technology makes it possible to offer tools that benefit your team and create a positive office experience. The style of your lockers, the colours, the materials, the branding, the alerts, even the access mechanisms are all customisable.

Need a custom layout that fits your space, needs, and aesthetics? No problem. Installed in as little as one day, our Smart Lockers are simple to install and simple to use, with superb technology developed by our own in-house team. And when you need to keep a close eye on the products being stored, your Smart Lockers can also be supplied with clear glass doors.

Why ExPD?

Smart Lockers are simply revolutionising the efficiency of office spaces for package pickups, equipment exchanges, and asset management.

It’s as easy as a courier enters recipient details and locker size. They deposit a parcel and close the door. The locker notifies recipient with a QR key and the recipient scans their code to auto-open the locker.


Whatever size and quantity of lockers you require, we can help. We can make bespoke lockers to suit your unique needs as a company. You can either send us the required dimensions, or inform us what space you have, then we’ll do the rest!

We can also retrofit your existing lockers – we’ll simply swap your old key or combination locks with our Smart Locks, connect it to the internet wirelessly and then you enjoy a fully managed smart locker system. That way, it’s easy to transform existing cupboards and cabinets into safe, secure, smart storage.


Our Smart Locker system is web-based and you can access it from any PC, whether that’s in the post room, your office or even when you’re working from home. The system can be locked down too to prevent access from outside the business if this is required.

To further enhance the product, we also have an integrated app which is designed to provide the most intuitive operation for clients, couriers and admin staff.

For more information or if you have any questions on smart lockers, go to our Smart Lockers page or contact our team at