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The mailroom is essential to employees and businesses – although the type of mail we receive has changed. There has been a drastic increase in the number of parcels and packages being delivered, with delivery vans dropping off parcels to customers almost daily. Therefore, adopting a mailroom tracking system in the workplace is vital to cope with this new volume of online shopping.

OmniPost is an internal mailroom tracking system that tracks the delivery of parcels through your building, from mailroom to client. You can view where your packages are along with every process of the journey, providing a clear oversight and reducing costs associated with lost or damaged packages.

Here’s five reasons why you should introduce a mailroom tracking system to your building:

  1. Streamlining

A mailroom tracking system can streamline your mailroom process, as well as providing numerous other advantages for employees and business owners.

Our OmniPost mailroom tracking system removes time-consuming and outdated paper systems, replacing them with a smart, intelligent, flexible, time effective and efficient solution.

These days many companies do not have a designated mailroom. Instead, all deliveries and collections are handled from the front reception desk.

With OmniPost, a parcel arrives at reception, the barcode is scanned, a branded notification is sent, and a barcode is captured for proof of delivery.

Once the package is delivered to the workplace, this can be achieved in around 30 seconds.

In addition, you can streamline your own deliveries too, making it more convenient when you need to buy in office supplies for your company. It can also be used for pick-ups and returns.

  1. Save time and money

OmniPost can provide you with a mailroom tracking system that is cost-efficient and time saving, for example removing the tasks of signing for packages and contacting recipients.

Mailroom software will allow your mailroom staff, or receptionists to focus on their jobs rather than wasting hours as an unpaid delivery service for your employees.

  1. Compatibility

OmniPost is a cloud-hosted web application, which can work with any PC. The web application provides access to all functionality, including reporting and admin tools. It also provides super secure, reliable access to your data.

More conveniently, OmniPost also has a software app, which works with any iOS or Android phone, tablet, or mobile computer.

Once the parcel has been registered with the software, employees can receive an instant notification that their parcel has arrived. The package is held at the reception desk or the mailroom until the recipient collects it. The recipient signs for the parcel digitally on the app, therefore there are no risks to security.

Our hardware partners Datalogic can help provide products that are compatible with our OmniPost software system. This will give additional cohesion throughout your organisation.

The Datalogic Memor 20, is a full touch device designed for enterprises with demanding mobile requirements, whilst delivering a user-friendly experience. The Memor 20 is vital for businesses that want to move ahead and provide their workforce with better autonomy.

You could try the PowerScan 9600 series, which can help you smash your traceability targets!

Traceability is one of the biggest priorities faced by business today when fulfilling consumer demands. It has embedded industrial connectivity, allowing interfacing with PC, Industrial PC, Tablet, or PLCs.

You can also tailor OmniPost mailroom tracking software using the admin-user function, so it can work exactly the way you like to, such as personalising messages, adding your company branding and managing your own courier.

  1. Improve employee morale

There has been a huge increase in online shopping by staff members, with many non-work-related parcels and packages being delivered to the workplace. This can cause the mailroom and reception to become overloaded with non-business work, resulting in a loss of time, clutter, and anxiety to employees.

Unless there is someone at home to receive your package for you, it can be difficult to arrange a delivery time. Therefore, most online customers choose to have their parcels delivered to their workplace as the safest and most convenient option.

Changing your mailroom management systems to accommodate the needs of your staff can have a positive effect on individual staff members’ morale and improve productivity.

Mailroom tracking software that enables employees to receive parcels at work is a valuable perk, helping prevent anxiety caused from online shopping and further help staff focus on work.

Once being notified that their parcel has arrived, it can help brighten their day!

  1. Reduce loss or theft risks

There’s nothing worse than a stolen package, therefore you can provide safe and secure delivery of packages through our parcel locker systems.

Integrate your mail room system with our smart lockers which blend technology, security, safety and style in a modular, fully customisable locker solution.

By doing this, your mail can be kept in a secure location until recipients are ready to collect their parcels. Our lockers store the parcels 24/7, so they stay in one place until the recipient wants to collect them. They simply need to scan their QR code.

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