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Mailrooms and couriers have seen a significant increase in the demand for contactless delivery during the pandemic.

Alongside this, safety expectations are growing among employees, encouraging businesses to rethink how they store and retrieve items at work.

According to a recent study, 26% of employees are prepared to leave their job if their employer fails to accommodate their work-life needs, so it is more important than ever for businesses to create a safe and secure working environment.

Many businesses are turning to Smart Lockers to deliver a safe, touch-free experience for their employees as well as offering the perk of being able to take delivery of personal parcels at their place of work.

Smart lockers provide self-service storage, contactless operation and secure protection for personal belongings and business assets.

So, how can they benefit you?

Keep your team safe

Manual handling is no longer the preferred method of transaction when it comes to retrieving parcels. While staff return to the workplace, you may require employees be able to maintain social distancing to ensure safety.

This may mean that having large numbers of people queuing up for equipment is no longer ideal. A Smart Locker system can help social distancing and reduce the need for crowding and queuing. Users can simply open their lockers hands free via a simple web-based platform or mobile app – easily retrieving their items whenever it is convenient for them, and reduce close contact with others.

Keep your business secure

As they operate the central hub for all of a business’s post, mailroom employees are tasked with categorising (often by hand) all the outgoing and incoming mail and sending it to the correct location for the owner – even in a distributed workforce.

Manual processing can be slow, costly, and highly prone to human error – but the solution is smart.

Fitted with remote locking, contactless entry and customisable user functions, Smart Lockers can be adapted to your needs.

From receiving parcels to assisting with issuing of equipment, retail click and collect and even collection of prescriptions and medication, Smart Lockers ease of customisation means they work across a huge range of use cases.

Smart Lockers help prevent theft and reduce the incidence of items going missing or being damaged. Once the parcel is placed inside, the unique code is automatically generated and shared with only the recipient – so it sits securely within the enclosure until the right person is verified and ready to pick it up.

Secure parcel retrieval is also crucial if your teams are here, there and everywhere. With your team using hotdesking in the office or spread across locations, ensuring they receive parcels, becomes tricky. This is where Smart Lockers come in. Smart storage lockers mean business mail can be kept in a secure location until staff are free to collect their goods. It also makes it easy for items to be collected.

Tracking reports

Smart Lockers are the most secure way to transfer items with full traceability and accountability throughout the process.

Using detailed reporting functions, you are able to track individual usage. For businesses that use Smart Lockers to hold and store devices like laptops, this is beneficial.

When a device is reported as returned, you will know which user accessed which locker at which exact time.

With alerts, employers can be notified when devices aren’t returned on time, so that they can locate and recover missing items faster – ready for other users.

As transaction logging is 100% automated, there is no risk of human error. So, if your organisation needs to track certain assets, automated reporting is an efficient way to maintain regulatory compliance and ensure restricted items are managed effectively.

Reports empower staff to pull the correct data from lockers during transactions, allowing for the tasks of maintaining and replenishment to be simplified.

Reliable, even in times of crisis

New users to Smart Lockers often ask, “what happens to my locker during a power failure?”. But with our Smart lockers, that question is easily answered.

Fitted with battery backups, Smart Lockers have you supported so that your items are still secure, and the locker remains operational. Once the network is restored, the data stored during the outage is sent back to the management software – so employers don’t miss a thing.

Additional features like alarms or lockdown mode keep you supported in times of crisis, helping to prevent unauthorised access from outside the business, should the worst happen.

With Covid-19 still posing a risk to business safety, Smart Lockers provide individual tracking. You can locate, clean and quarantine specific lockers – should you need to, helping to reduce the risk.

For more information, or if you have any questions on Smart Lockers, go to our Smart Lockers page or contact our team.