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Once September starts, it won’t take long for students to come flooding back into college and university accommodation. Along with them, they bring a considerably large amount of mail.

Students purchase almost everything online, from food and groceries to electronics.

According to Metapack’s 2023 Ecommerce Delivery Benchmark report, 24% of 18 to 24-year-olds said they intend on ordering even more products than they did in 2022.

As a result, there can be copious amounts of student residents enquiring about packages, or mail at one single time.

Digital mailrooms can streamline the process of incoming and outgoing deliveries, by using intelligent document creation and processing techniques.

As online shopping habits continue to rise, so does the demand for quick, efficient, and sustainable delivery options. Therefore, it is important that universities and colleges evaluate and update to a mailroom system that is most suitable to them.

OmniPost: the complete post room system

OmniPost tracks delivery of parcels, alongside safe distribution. With tracking technology, you can easily see where your packages are along every step.

OmniPost mimics the traditional mailroom service, but removes the inconvenient, time-consuming, and outdated paper system. It is replaced with an intelligent, flexible and time effective solution to parcel management system tracking.

The barcode of the parcel is scanned at reception by the courier, a branded notification is sent, and then the barcode is scanned or captured for proof of delivery.

OmniPost portal is an efficient way to track the live status of a parcel in the system, including who received it, where it is currently stored, how it is moving through the system, who delivered it, and the proof of delivery signature or ID card scan.

In addition, you can tailor OmniPost mailroom tracking software using the admin-user function, so it works exactly the way you would like it to.

For example, you can custom create email and SMS messaging, set preferences by location for delivery and integrate with our smart-locker solution.

Smart Lockers

Our Smart Lockers are a great handover option for parcels, valuables, and other assets. Smart lockers transfers are convenient, but they are also the most secure way to transfer any item with full traceability and accountability.

There’s no need to coordinate delivery and collection, access is 24/7, and auto-alerts ensure a smooth handover.

You can customise the lockers, the style, the colours, the materials, the branding, the alerts and even the mechanisms. Our team is here to support you throughout each process.

What are the benefits?

Smart Lockers are designed to be configured and fit into small spaces, which not only leaves more space in the mailroom, but also means students won’t have to wait at a reception desk.

In addition, its 24/7 access makes it easy for students to pick up their packages at a time that is convenient for them. This is especially important as students may not be able to retrieve packages during typical business hours, due to class schedules and part-time jobs.

Smart Lockers can also be an extremely cost-effective method, as it eliminates the need for on-site staff to manage package deliveries, as well as the likelihood of lost or damaged packages. This could lead to liability issues, as some of these parcels and mail can be very difficult to replace.

Students look forward to receiving packages at campus from friends and family. The loss of important mails and packages can lead to dissatisfaction, and they may choose to leave the accommodation.

However, Smart Lockers provide a secure location for packages to be stored until residents can retrieve them.

Digital mailrooms also eliminate the need for manual data entry, thus reducing errors that may lead to mixing up packages and mails.

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