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Medication errors are one of the most preventable problems reported in healthcare. In fact, according to the World Health Organisation, more than 237 million errors happen every year in this country.

It’s too easy to prescribe a medication to a patient yet pick the wrong item, thereby giving the patient the wrong meds – which can have serious implications for the patient and a damaging impact on a pharmacy’s or hospital’s reputation.

Healthcare environments have a responsibility to report incidents, and no hospital or pharmacy wants to perform badly, hence the need for a system to control the management of medications and drugs.

Transparent in inventory

Medication errors can be avoided with an efficient inventory management system. An efficient system keeps track of every asset you have and enables real-time audits. You can use this to better estimate demand – for instance by seeing something is low in stock or has been dispensed frequently, you can tell you need to order more.

See where each dose is kept and when it expires, to reduce medication waste and ensure clinicians and doctors have access to the prescriptions patients need.

Comprehensive records of exactly what has been checked out, when and by whom, enable a full audit trail.

MICS Inventory Control System

MICS is a complete medicine stock management system that integrates leading inventory control software with our secure SUMMIT technology.

The inventory management system allows for the creation of a database of all the products in use, including a photo for ease of identification, and the GTIN barcode (where present) on the packaging to identify products.

It not only improves medication storage and the prescribing process but is an effective way to keep stock of other inventory such as medical equipment.

Each product type is allocated a secure location (in a locker or smart cupboard). The process then simply requires for items to be barcode scanned, using an Android smartphone, or mobile computer. As items are scanned the correct door opens and can be loaded – stock is then added to the database.

When it’s time to dispense medication for patients and providing the clinician is near to the smart locker/cupboard, they request dispense and then are alerted to which cupboard the item is in. The lock will automatically open, allowing the clinician to scan the item(s) to confirm it matches the item prescribed.

When controlled drugs are dispensed the system requires that another authorised person enters a unique PIN. This gives traceability of who prescribed what drugs and when, and who authorised them.

To deliver all the functionality a busy pharmacy would require, MICS also includes a stock audit function which instantly identifies missing stock and highlights unexpected products, stock transfers, ability to recall batches and control stock quantities accordingly.

Working seamlessly with Datalogic hardware

Using Datalogic mobile computers and barcode scanners, a reliable and accurate database for inventory levels can be maintained by scanning items when prescribed and when new medication is received.

Medication or other medical supplies can be scanned and uploaded to the MICS system, managed by batch number, code and their expiry date, reducing wastage and the risk of recalled or expired stock being issued.

The Memor 11 is the perfect solution for healthcare environments that need flexibility for inventory management. You can choose between WiFi only or WiFi cellular models, and always stay connected. Plus its slim and compact, making it suitable to carry in pockets, store in pharmacy cupboards or display on a surface.

A speedy processor allows the Memor 11 to run multiple mobile applications at significantly faster speeds, resulting in improved response times – a necessity in busy pharmacies and hospitals.

Alternatively, the PowerScan 9600 series is a rugged and reliable scanner suited for any healthcare environment. It features an IP67 rated housing that withstands water and dust and even drops of up to 2.5m.

This scanner delivers efficient and secure data by capturing and eliminating errors in data entry. It also has disinfectant-ready and antimicrobial features to offer further protection to hospital staff against the spread of germs and bacteria.

For more information about our range of Datalogic hardware or if you would like a quick demo of our MICS system, please get in touch with our team at