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Are your barcode scanners nearing their end of life? Or perhaps your label printers are no longer performing as they should?

If you’re debating whether it’s time to update your hardware, here are five reasons why you should…

  1. The device has reached its end of life

When mobile computers, scanners and printers are physically damaged beyond repair or they are no longer supported by software updates, your hardware has reached its End of Life.

Where your operating systems may no longer be up-to-date, this is risky as it leaves your devices more susceptible to viruses, security breaches and hackers.

If there are cracks or chips on your devices that are preventing them working as well as they should, it may be more cost effective to buy new devices rather than pay the manufacturer, who may need to source parts.

  1. Access to more features and benefits

Different devices can offer features tailored to the specific demands and requirements of your industry. So, are you getting the most out of your current hardware?

For example, in a heavily regulated industry such as healthcare, you need devices that are able to meet a hospital’s infection control policies and features to uphold frequent and rigorous disinfection.

Barcode scanners can be treated to inhibit bacterial growth on the surface of the device and withstand harsh disinfectants.

Mobile computers, such as Zebra’s TC52-HC use only disinfectant-ready, medical grade plastics. Screw holes are covered, and the number of crevices and seams have been minimised to eliminate places where germs can hide. Clog resistant audio grills prevent debris and disinfectants from entering the receive, protecting audio quality.

The TC52x-HC mobile computer goes hand in hand with our MICS system to enhance patient and staff safety.

  1. You’re working in harsh environments

In industries like manufacturing and transport and logistics, most work takes place in warehouses and vehicles, and standard mobile computers and barcode scanners are often not able to keep up with these environments.

Switching to rugged devices is the ideal solution. These types of hardware are specifically designed to operate in extreme temperatures, water, dust and other hazards.

They are durable, often water resistant, protected with gorilla glass and able to withstand drops on concrete.

Zebra Industrial barcode printers such as the ZT400 and ZT600 series have 24/7 reliability in the harshest environments. They are the perfect solution for professional applications in transport and logistics, suitable for high volume printing and printing various label sizes on demand.

  1. To reduce operational costs

Did you know industrial label printers offer a lower cost per label than other printing methods? Bringing label printing in house, particularly for warehouse and logistics companies, this can reduce your printing costs significantly – whether that’s product or shipping labels.

Zebra’s industrial barcode printers such as the ZT400 and ZT600 series have 34/7 reliability in the harshest of environments. They are suitable for high volume printing and printing various label sizes on demand.

What’s more is that Zebra offers another way to save costs and upgrade your devices – its Go Zebra Trade-In program. This allows you to trade in current devices (from any manufacturer) and earn a rebate to put towards a newer model. Zebra then recycles your old devices, reducing landfill waste.

  1. To upgrade to the latest model

Of course, one of the main reasons to update your mobile computer, scanner or printer is to switch to a newer model.

Sometimes improving your operations, workflow, productivity and connectivity for example, is just a tech upgrade away.

Zebra frequently makes enhancements to its models and brings out new devices. Most recently the MC9400, an evolution of its ultra-rugged MC9000 devices. It’s the first in the series to offer 5G and WiFi 6 connectivity, the fastest connection speed available today.

If you are using the Zebra TC20 you may consider upgrading to the TC21. The devices are lightweight, easy to carry and operate with one hand. With a 14-hour battery life, this is a significant improvement to the previous 8 to 10 hours on the old devices. See how upgrading to the TC21 benefitted Chichester Festival Theatre in our case study.

If you have any questions or would like support finding the right Zebra device for you, please speak to our experts at