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Being able to track vehicle components and parts is now vital to every aspect of the automotive supply chain, from manufacturing to inventory management and order fulfilment.

We partner with Zebra to help automotive manufacturers and suppliers improve operations. Zebra industrial and handheld barcode readers, label printer solutions and mobile printers maintain supply chain visibility from parts and components to delivery. With the power of barcode technology, you can track and trace everything that moves through your supply chain.

Here are 5 ways barcodes are used in automotive manufacturing:

Identify car components

In vehicle manufacturing, each part of a vehicle has specific dimensions, working functionality, and fitting. When assembled manually there can be high chances of error such as connecting the wrong parts – leading to hefty damage.

To avoid these errors, barcodes can be used to track and identify parts accurately. During the assembly process, the codes can be scanned using industrial or handheld scanners, in order to assemble them in the right place.

Streamlined production

With the ability to track every component, from materials to finished goods, production and quality can be traced to the exact manufacturing stage and individual part.

Applying barcodes allows Work-in-Progress (goods that are still in the production process) tracking, ensuring that the right parts are put together and assembled. Labels can be printed using Zebra ZT600 and ZT400 label printers, which have 24/7 reliability, even in the harshest environments. Barcodes can be placed directly on items to identify each component, match serial numbers, track each step of the manufacturing process, and even automate routing and assembly operations.

In the event of an issue, affected products can be quickly traced and identified, enabling the right action to be taken – for instance if parts need to be recalled.

Tyres assembly tracking

The process of manufacturing and fitting tyres is a mixture of automated and manual activity and Zebra barcode readers are designed specifically to meet the needs of this application.

With sensors, readers and scanning technology, it’s simple to create a complete record of every product as it moves through every step of your manufacturing facility. Zebra’s portfolio of track and trace solutions includes Fixed Industrial Scanners to enable automatic track and trace of every part and package.

Tyre sorting and shipping

Automated systems for sorting and shipping are necessary to keep tyre production on track, on schedule, and properly stored. Zebra industrial barcode readers and mobile computers collect and transmit data, seamlessly maximising production efficiency.

This takes place after the manufacturing process has been completed, automation and barcode technologies play a critical role in the shipping and sorting processes to insure traceability for inventory, storage, and logistics.

Total chain visibility

Barcode tracking allows for total visibility of your supply chain. Ensure your incoming deliveries are in transit or arriving, the right inventory is available, production is scheduled, goods are tracked at each stage of manufacturing, and accurate shipments are delivered on time to your consumers.

ExPD use Zebra products to deliver bespoke software and barcode scanning solutions for the manufacturing sector. For more information, please get in touch with our team at