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Our Smart Lockers are controlled with our own Summit technology. This software controls the smart locks which can be integrated with a bespoke plugin for your application.

It runs in the cloud via our secure platform – so a standard internet connection is enough to manage your locker solution.

We can easily configure the Summit software for any type of use, for example, parcel delivery, asset management, day-use (i.e personal belongings), key management or medical inventory.

What are the benefits?

Real-time tracking

Summit can provide a real-time audit trail – track usage data, check-ins and checkouts and easy operation via our smartphone App, web portal and locker interface.

With a combination of control, visibility and automated alerts you’ll always know when items have been checked in and checked out and by who.


Get more accountability for your assets and track locker uses, opening and closings

You can also manage your smart locker solutions across your entire business, with a view of device status, set-up and permissions.

Centralised for better control

Our Summit software is on a centralised cloud platform that communicates, controls and reports on each locker. You can remotely assign different locker uses and monitor usage across platforms.

Summit can be used on its own or integrated with any of our other products, from MICS Medical Inventory Control System, to OmniPost mail tracking, ensuring you have the best product on the market, supported by the very best service.

To find out how Summit could benefit your business operations, get in touch with our team at