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In reality, it’s not efficient for every employee, student or gym-goer to have their own dedicated locker for their belongings. This would take up too much space, not to mention it would cost a fortune.

Day-use lockers are a practical solution for this that save you space and budget. A smart locker system allows users to secure a storage locker for the day, or a temporary amount of time.

Why are day-use lockers important?

As well as universities, gyms and libraries, there is a growing need for day-use lockers in the workplace. The rise of flexible working means that many employees will not be in the office five days a week and therefore need a place to keep their bags, tablets and other devices when they do make the commute.

If you’re hotdesking, this makes smart lockers even more beneficial as employees don’t have an assigned desk. Some belongings will go back and forth between home and the office, but contents that would otherwise live in desk drawers, in trays and on desktops have to go somewhere.

Even though they’re called “day-use”, these types of lockers can be used for any temporary amount of time (e.g. a few hours) and, depending on the location, can also be reserved for overnight use.

Benefits of day-use lockers

  1. Security

Smart lockers can give you peace of mind that your belongings will stay safe while you work – and even overnight.

Once something is placed inside, the unique code is automatically generated and shared with only the owner – so your things sit securely within the locker until you are ready to retrieve them.

  1. Convenience

A simple, user-friendly interface makes it a breeze for employees to reserve and use the lockers as needed. And it takes just seconds to drop off or pick up items on the way home or to their next destination.

  1. Keyless access

Smart locker technology has evolved to develop smart locker systems that are keyless. ExPD smart lockers are fitted with remote locks. This allows keyless and contactless entry using a personal code or your company ID card. There’s no need to worry about lost keys or administrators being locked out of lockers.

  1. Customisable

Customisable technology makes it possible to offer tools that benefit your team and create a positive office experience. The style of your lockers, the colours, the materials, the alerts, even the access mechanisms are all customisable.

Need a custom layout that fits your space, needs, and aesthetics? No problem. Installed in as little as one day, our Smart Lockers are simple to install and simple to use, with superb Summit technology developed by our own in-house team.

Day locker features

  • Easy-to-use digital lockers
  • Secure and contact-free
  • Manage and assign lockers remotely
  • Configure the lockers to fit your space

Our Smart Locker system is web-based and you can access it from any PC, whether that’s in your office or even when you’re working from home. The system can be locked down too to prevent access from outside the business if this is required.

For more information or if you have any questions about smart lockers, go to our Smart Lockers page or contact our team at