Data Collection

Our app does not actively collect Personal Identifiable Information (PII). Instead, details are downloaded from our pre-registered database for each customer, which includes information like recipient name and asset allocation details.

Item Information: Details about the assets, such as sender, tracking number, and status, are stored.

Device Information: We may collect device-specific information such as device type, operating system, and identifiers to enhance app performance.

Usage of Data

Collected information is utilized to update and track status.

Device information aids in optimizing our app’s performance for your specific device and troubleshooting potential issues.

Data Storage and Security

All data is stored on secure servers with encryption to ensure its safety.

We adhere to best practices in cybersecurity to prevent unauthorized access to the data.

Third-party Access

We do not sell, share, or provide access to any data (including recipient information) to third-party companies.

Certain essential third-party service providers, such as parcel tracking systems, may have limited access to data, strictly for operational purposes.

International Data Transfers

Our primary data centres are located in London – UK (EU-WEST2), If data is processed in other countries, due to backup or secondary servers, we ensure stringent data protection measures are adhered to.

Your Rights

Customers can request to view the recipient information related to their account.

If any recipient data appears to be incorrect or outdated, customers can request corrections.

Customers have the right to request the removal of recipient information, subject to certain conditions.

Policy Amendments

We may occasionally update our data safety practices. We advise checking this form periodically for any changes. Significant changes will be communicated through the app or other appropriate channels.

Contact Us

For any questions or concerns about our data handling practices, please reach out to us at