skyvisitor, visitor management, contractor software

SkyVisitor is the complete visitor and contractor management software


reception, kiosk, visitor management

SkyVisitor allows the company to efficiently manage visitors and contractors including pre-registering visits, logging arrivals and departures and producing statistical reports to monitor activity. This visitor management software is fully flexible and can be scaled to suit companies needs with extra features added for increased functionality as well receptions and site locations.

– Easy to use, minimal training and quick deployment

– Work hand in hand with access control systems

– PIN visitor to get through doors / barriers




tickEnhance the reputation of your business

tickEnsure a safe and secure working environment

tickEnsure compliance with appropriate sector legislation

tickEnsure accurate tracking and accountability

tickVital in case of a major incident or evacuation

tickMaximise marketing and brand awareness opportunities

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Key points solved with SkyVisitor

Health, Safety, Environmental & Emergency – SkyVisitor will assist your company in complying with Work regulations by ensuring that every visitor is aware of rules and regulations to which they are subject to, including their own duty of care.

Security – This contractor management software manages and controls contractors on-site with attendance logs. Your company will also be able to effectively screen and manages contractors attending site to ensure a safe and secure working environment, and issue and track appropriate permits and equipment required in order to carry out works.

Data Management and GDPR – SkyVisitor enables the company to be completely GDPR compliant. The data is securely stored to provide accurate real-time reports and an audit trial, particularly vital in the case of an emergency.

Image – This visitors management software presents a professional image, reflecting a caring and secure organisation.