OmniPost Rapid has been designed to make our mail tracking system the easiest to use

OP Rapid replaces existing books or PC’s for booking items into the mailroom. OP Rapid uses just one device to book mail-in and also sign it out, this means that the cost of hardware to get the solution up and running is minimal.

omnipost rapid, mail kiosk

OP Rapid only allows staff to book items in and collect signatures for items. This means that they cannot change configurations of the solution or see information which they do not need to see.

Where the system is being used only on an Android Tablet this system is so easy to use, the benefit of this is it can be picked up by almost anyone. If you have temporary staff in who we do not have a lot of time to train it is not an issue as OP rapid requires absolute minimal training.

omnipost rapid, mail kiosk


OP Rapid connects directly to an OmniPost database which means you still have all the functionality of a full-blown system. Items can be booked in via the tablet and then delivered by mobile PDA’s around your organisation. It doesn’t all have to be done on the OP Rapid Tablet.

Booking an item of mail into the system takes no time at all and it’s a lot quicker and simpler than other methods of booking items into the mailroom.



tickBook inbound items into OmniPost instantly

tickMinimal hardware requirements

tickSaves time

tickNo installation or training required

tickRestricted user access

tickSmart looking solution and services to offer to recipients

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