The number of items being received by post rooms is ever increasing, but the mail room team have no more hours in the day. To alleviate the pressure in the post room and provide the very best solution to the end recipient ExPD has introduced secure collection lockers from Apex Supply Chain Solutions, to the OmniPost product offering.

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The OP Lockers directly interface to OmniPost, the mailroom simply books an item in from the courier and deliver it to the lockers. The OP Lockers are smart and will determine the best location for an item, and the moment the door is closed it will automatically send an email/SMS or APP notification to the recipient with a secure to enable quick and easy retrieval.

The complete receipt-movement-collection process is recorded in OmniPost and provides an end to end audit trail.

The key benefits are offering the end recipient 24/7 collection options, no more leaving items on a desk, or relying on a colleague to forward deliver, the post room staff can now handle many more parcels and no longer have to deal with failed deliveries and returns to the post room.

omnipost locker, mailroom tracking, click and collect solution

OmniPost Lockers: a smart locker system

tickSuitable for mailroom Click & Collect

tickEnhanced customer experience

tickCustomised branding

tickMinimise staff distraction

tickSuitable for outdoor use

tickExpand your service hours

tickIdeal for satellite locations

tickPowerful competitive advantage

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