OmniPost for Universities

University mail rooms are receiving more and more signed for mail than ever before. What current methods are in place to track inbound deliveries. The historical method of tracking signed for deliveries is to record them manually in a paper book. This method has worked really well for a long time, but with the sharp increase in signed for mail will it continue to be efficient.

When couriers arrive how long is it taking for the University to record these items?

How long is it taking the University to let people know they have a delivery?

How long does it take to go and deliver these items?

Using the traditional manual system we cannot answer these questions accurately. Using an inbound delivery system will begin to answer some of these questions. The whole process is sped up and the University can get a lot more management information out of the system.

1. Log Item into OmniPost

2. Email notification sent to recipient

3. Item of mail is signed for

4. Full audit trail of every item received

5. Management information about mailroom


OmniPost recent integration into a locker system, has also helped to provide a service to Universities which helps to make managing inbound deliveries a lot simpler.

OmniPost is leading provider in the University sector, with users from all parts of the UK. For more information about the system and to find out some of the current users please give us a call.

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