Express parcels logistics companies are under sustained pressure to maintain high levels of customer service, optimise line-haul and improve efficiencies – all against the backdrop of a rapidly-reducing window of operation. As customers increasingly push to extend cut-off times for next day delivery, courier services face the challenge of weighing, dimensioning, sorting, loading and delivering shipments within narrow and ever-decreasing timeframes.

In such a pressurised environment, transport companies are often deprived of the time to accurately validate the weight and dimensions of packages submitted by customers. As a consequence, they potentially risk missing out on additional revenues caused by a failure to identify under-declared weight and volume – and are doubly hit by the subsequent impact of inefficient line-haul. Manual measuring is not only labour intensive, but it is also prone to human error and can lead to the generation of inaccurate invoices. An automated system is therefore the most effective – and ultimately the most cost-effective – solution.


The system enables 100% accurate automated data capture to support invoicing for revenue recovery. In addition, captured data can be used to improve logistical processes and optimise line-haul. The dimensioning system measures all freight items for maximum dimensions in length, width and height – and automatically calculates the smallest possible cube that can carry the consignment.


The DWS solution brings increased speed and efficiency to operations. It uses high-performance checkweighers to deliver precise yet rapid weighing, as well as transporting packages with controlled, uniform speed. The solution, which can easily be integrated into new or existing systems, offers flexibility and can be adapted to suit individual demands.


ExPD’s DWS comprises identification solutions based on laser scanners and camera technologies that enable it to handle almost any reading situation imaginable. Its camera systems provide high-performance linear and 2D code reading to suit all high-end applications in sortation, transport and logistics processes. The solution’s excellent image quality makes it suitable for the full range of OCR and video coding tasks. The total solution delivers reliable and fast detection.

System Engineering

When designing a standalone machine, we have found that the simplest control solution is based on a programmable logic controller (PLC) with high-quality connected components. The PLC in its infancy was, quite simply, a relay replacer. While the versatility of the PLC has grown, the physical size has shrunk. Now it is not uncommon to see micro PLCs fit into the palm of a hand.

Control Software

Technology should enable efficiency, not stand in the way. That’s why we build technology that adapts to your existing environments. This approach ensures our Automation, Sortation and DWS solutions are compatible with your current operating systems, databases, hardware and other systems—while building flexibility for upgrade paths and future scalability. The overall result is faster, less-costly implementations, reduced maintenance requirements, and lower total cost of ownership.

Panel Building

ExPD offers in-house control panel design and fabrication. Our experienced and professional team manufacture custom panels ranging from small push-button enclosures to large motor control panels.

The automation control system represents a major investment in a machine design. Beyond selecting the right controller and human-machine interface, machine builders must also select components that will positively impact performance.