Key Benefits of Asset Tracking & Inspection Solutions

1. Using Asset Tracking Software: Operators know the location of their assets in real time and can easily transfer assets between sites if necessary while retaining maintenance history.

2. Better purchasing decisions – Initial purchasing data can be quickly and easily evaluated with ongoing maintenance data, providing additional insight into asset performance.

3. Better fix/replace decision-making – Tracked assets should have maintenance thresholds and “Not to Exceed” limits on particular pieces of equipment, sending alerts when evaluation — or replacement — is required.

4. Detailed insight into equipment performance – Asset Tracking Software enables facility managers to save money, reduce equipment downtime, and control stock loss.

5. Repair accuracy – You are able to get the right service provider (or technician), in the right place, at the right time, to the right job, with the right part, preventing multiple visits that add cost, time and frustration.

6. Understanding the total cost of ownership for assets – By understanding the value of an asset at a facility, maintenance teams can better manage expenses and efforts taken to support the asset. Decision-makers can effectively make repair/replace decisions ad hoc as well as conduct advanced capital budgeting analysis.

7. Warranty tracking – Asset tracking provides accurate records of equipment under warranty allowing for alerts to be issued when a work order is created, dispatching the warranty contractor for service to ensure the repair is covered under warranty.

tickA centralised repository for all asset information
tickEasy to use and highly customisable asset tracking solution
tickSupports multiple locations
tickFast and accurate auditing of assets
tickVisibility of missing assets
tickStandard and custom reports and scheduling
tickInventory Management System
tickDesign mobile inspection apps
tickMobile device visibility and GPS / Asset  tracking
Asset-i, asset tracking software


The Asset-i solution is accessible anytime from anywhere. With a super fast, easy to use web interface, tracking and managing assets has never been so quick and easy.

Control mobile and web access with user account roles and IP restricted access.

Asset-i, asset tracking software


View assets by type, group or location. Add filters to extract data or export straight into excel.

Schedule configurable reports to be generated and emailed.

Asset-i, asset tracking software


Assets can be moved from location to location. With a mobile device, users can scan asset labels or read RFID tags to locate and move assets.

The online Asset-i web site logs these movements and displays the assets current location.

Asset-i, asset tracking software


Design form layouts and add fields to an asset in seconds. Configure templates for an unlimited number of asset types and groups.

Build inspections or processes and deploy them to your mobile devices. Collect PASS / FAIL data from an asset along with photos and signatures.

Build and schedule your own reports and email them automatically when they are generated.

Asset-i, asset tracking software


The Asset Record provides a single repository for all the information relating to an individual asset

In addition to serial and model numbers, manufacturer and condition, service and maintenance histories, the Asset Record, which is designed as a series of clearly labelled tabs, can also store pictures and documents – including technical specifications, user manuals and warranties.

No matter how many times the asset is moved, all the essential information relating to it, throughout its lifecycle, is kept safely within the Asset Record. This also includes relevant financial data such as depreciation and service history.

Asset-i, asset tracking software


The ability to quickly and accurately audit the asset base offers enormous time and cost savings.

Using the portable terminal, the user only has to scan the items found at a particular location. Gone is the need to identify, (often incorrectly) individual items, look them up on a paper list and tick them off.

When the audit data is uploaded, Asset-i automatically summarises the information by each individual location where exceptions can be identified and dealt with instantly. This is a painstaking and error-prone process with a manual or semiautomated system.


“Asset-i is very straightforward and easy to use.”


“The use of barcodes has made items much easier to identify and also cut down on theft”


“In the first year Asset-i has reduced our expenditure by £50,000, we simply couldn’t operate without it.”


“Since the recent installation of Asset-i we have already recovered missing assets amounting to several thousands of pounds.”


“Being able to audit quickly and effectively not only save huge amounts of time, Asset-i also enables us to maintain full control of our asset register.”




The fully configurable dashboard gives user a quick overview of the asset management system

Audit Progress and Missing Assets

View overdue inspections and open defects

Design custom reports and display them on the dashboard

Asset tracking and inspection dashboard


Track assets by location


View all assets at selected locations with the ability to include sub locations in a single click

Add and save filters

Setup and relabel columns

Easily export data to PDF or Excel

Location barcode printing

Locations ordering and user visibility


Move assets instantly with a simple drag and drop

Select one or more assets

Drag the selected assets over the new location

Release the cursor to drop the assets into the new location

Add notes and select a movement reason

The movement is date and time stamped with the new location

Drag and drop assets between locations to record an asset tracking movement


Track asset movements using a mobile device


Easily move multiple assets to a single location using a mobile device

Select a location from the location hierarchy

Scan or enter multiple asset barcodes

Enter the reason for moving the assets

Provide an optional signature to record the movement

The entire movement process can be configured to meet your requirements


Create and manage roles and users

Configure the features are available to the users

Control which locations are visible to each user role

Reset users passwords with ease

Control which users can access the web front end

Control which users can login from a mobile device

Simple login for Mobile users


Asset Tracking Record


Create user accounts and roles for both the front end and the mobile tracking software.


View all recorded information for a selected asset

Identification, financial details and person responsible.

Customisable fields

Complete Movement History

Photographs, Inspections & Defects

File Attachments & Uploads


View assets by group and include sub groups

Create and manage your own asset groups

Control which groups can hold assets

Control which asset types are visible to the user

Design and configure asset record fields specific to the asset group

Tracking assets by group


Design and edit asset tracking information


Create, edit and design asset forms for recording data

Easy to use designer

Unparalleled configurability

Add text, date, lists, check box controls and much more

Configure controls with a huge range settings to perfectly deliver your requirements


Easily edit and control the layout of your barcodes, all from within the Asset-i web interface.

Included additional fields on the barcode

Setup fonts, text sizing and alignment

Supports QR barcodes and DOT Matrix

Print Code 39 and Code 128

Asset Tracking Label Designer


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