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Parcel lockers that leave nothing to chance

Whether you process a large number of deliveries or need secure onsite storage for valuable items, ExPD parcel lockers are the perfect solution. Accessed via smart controls and electronically secured, each parcel locker is digitally automated, providing a fully accountable way to receive and exchange goods within your business.

How do ExPD Parcel Lockers work?

Parcel lockers secure shut as soon as you close the door and can only be accessed by the intended recipient scanning a unique QR code or entering a PIN number.

  1. Items for collection get placed inside the locker.
  2. The locker door is closed, securely sealing the contents inside.
  3. A digital notification is issued to the recipient, letting them know their collection is ready.
  4. The recipient collects the parcel at his or her convenience by scanning the QR code.

What are the key benefits of parcel lockers?

Simple to set-up and operate, with the added convenience of 24/7 contact-free collections, parcel lockers make sending and receiving items of any size, secure, simple, and trackable.

Contact-free exchange

Contact-free has become the norm in our Covid world. With parcel lockers you never need to sign for a delivery or take it direct from the courier or a colleague’s hands. You don’t even need to be in the building when your package gets delivered. Every parcel is placed inside the locker, ready for you to collect at your own convenience.

Digitally trackable

Forget trying to make sense of an illegible signature or calling your mailroom to chase up missing packages. Parcel lockers don’t leave you in any doubt about when a parcel has arrived in your building. Once it’s signed into the locker, you’ll be sent an immediate digital receipt letting you know it’s ready for collection and the QR code you need to set it free.

Convenient and efficient

With parcel lockers there’s no need to be in your office to receive the delivery. Even if you’re out of the building, the package will be safely deposited into the locker, where it will remain, securely stored, until you come and collect it.

100% secure

Parcel lockers act like a safe, electronically closing and keeping the contents securely stored for as long as needed, so there’s no worry about a valuable package being misplaced. What’s more, the digital access code ensures that no one bar the intended recipient can open the locker and remove what’s inside.

Easy to operate (and install)

Needing only power and a network connection (4G, Wifi or Ethernet) to function, parcel lockers are easy to install in any workplace. They’ve been mindfully designed to be as simple as possible to operate too, allowing anyone to easily deposit or receive a package, thanks to their clever automated technology.

Flexible modular design

No two businesses are the same and neither are our parcel lockers. We offer two grades of parcel locker, both of which are available in modular units so they can be configured to the exact specifications you need, saving on space while giving you the level of coverage you need.

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What's your style?

Superb technology and usability are at the centre of the ExPD Parcel Lockers. But style matters.

That’s why our lockers are tailor-made for your needs, depending on whether cost, durability, content or style are your driving factors.

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Who can benefit from parcel lockers?

Any business that sends or receives packages will see the immediate benefits of installing parcel lockers, but you don’t have to regularly manage parcels to experience the value that parcel lockers bring.

The security, automation, and convenience of parcel lockers also makes them perfectly suited to a range of other applications in industries including healthcare, IT, and the public sector, particularly as parcel lockers can be temperature regulated.


Other commercial uses for parcel lockers:

– Securely store and track evidence and weapons for police
– Exchanging shared business equipment, (e.g. laptops)
– Safe keeping of medicines (e.g. hospitals, care homes)
– Storing staff valuables in locker rooms/changing rooms
– Locking up sensitive business materials and controlling access
– Storing internally-issued IT kit overnight

ISO Accredited | GDPR Compliant

ExPD Parcel Lockers can be integrated with any of our other products, ensuring you have the best product on the market, supported by the very best service.

Planning and installation

Our super-friendly UK-based team is here to help you when it comes to planning your Parcel Lockers. Modular in design, they can accommodate hundreds of configurations.

Our assessment of the location and your needs ensures you have the system that is right for you, with future-proofing built-in through modular extensions.

Installation of the interface and the Parcel Lockers themselves is undertaken by our own teams, and training, online or on-site, is always provided.


Working with one of our experts,  we can guide you both on the locker build/configuration and ensure the interface (APP) provides the functionality you require.


Your Parcel Locker questions answered

Our Parcel Lockers are very simple to install and to use and our UK-based team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have.

How much do parcel lockers cost?

ExPD parcel lockers are bespoke to order. Exact cost depends on the configuration, style and functionality you choose. Please contact our team on or phone 01730 710 100 for an accurate quote.

Your SmartLocker questions answered.

How big are your lockers?

Our parcel lockers come in a range of sizes and each unit is constructed as a standalone tower that can be configured in a number of different combinations.

Your SmartLocker questions answered.

How do I know which parcel lockers I need?

Leave that to us. Our parcel locker experts will ask you a few simple questions about your business and conduct a site visit to ascertain the configuration that meets your requirements.

Your SmartLocker questions answered.

Do you provide parcel locker training?

Yes. Although our lockers are very easy to use, we will provide all the training you need to get comfortable with them, either in person or remotely via virtual link. Rest assured, you’ll be up to speed on how they operate in no time.

Your SmartLocker questions answered.

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