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Vehicle Checks – Improve Compliance with OmniCheck DVSA App

The focus on roadworthiness and compliance has never been greater. Meeting these standards, by daily vehicle checks, ensures roadworthiness and improves safety. Road safety, is a vital aspect of fleet management within any business, since vehicles off the road whether by reason of accidents or defects can affect your business and public safety if not addressed.

By using the OmniCheck DVSA App with its 100% secure Data handling you can demonstrate to DVSA that you are compliant.

The driver daily walk around check is key to achieving these standards. With OmniCheck DVSA you can remove the time consuming, inaccurate and inflexible paper trail: the defect check process becomes all you need it to be: accurate, immediate and interactive.

Key Benefits of OmniCheck DVSA are:

  • Quick and effective driver daily walk around checks for HGV,PSV, (PCV) LGV and Taxi’s
  • All reported data available in real time.
  • All data stored on our secured servers.
  • Proven cheaper alternative to Vehicle Defect Cards.
  • 100% fleet compliance within minutes.
  • Intelligent analytics for fleet management.
  • Legally defensible position.

When drivers identify defects, the mobile app will inform them of the severity of the defect and instruct them what to do next – continue with the journey, seek advice or even “ground” the vehicle. The app will also alert you of any reports/ checks that have not be done, so you can follow up and make sure the fleet is 100% compliant.

Also being web based, OmniCheck DVSA is completely scalable, suiting fleets of one to several thousand, HGV, PSV or LGV. We have easy to use templates to suit every commercial fleet.