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Do you have numerous packages passing through your facility?

There are many challenges associated with sorting large volumes of parcels, however a parcel sortation system can help increase the efficiency of this task.

Order fulfilment is the most important processes in a distribution centre.

Datalogic  fixed and handheld scanners and mobile computers support this process. These products aim to fulfil an order in the shortest possible time, ensuring no mistakes are made during the process.

Datalogic Memor 11

If you require flexibility in retail, warehouse, manufacturing, or transportation and logistics applications, this device is built to meet your needs.

It delivers superior scanning performance through its high-quality barcode scanner. This allows users to capture data quickly and accurately, even in low light conditions such as dark warehouses.

The Memor 11 also comes with Google Mobile Services, making it easier for customers to manage the device and access a wide range of applications.

In addition, its long-lasting replaceable battery allows users to easily swap out the battery, without having to turn off the device.

Datalogic Scorpio X5

The Skorpio X5 mobile computer is strong enough to face the toughest challenges. The model is strengthened by additional bumpers and a specifically designed rubber boot to help maintain maximum robustness.

It also has the ability to read close and very far barcodes in the blink of an eye. This improves productivity and reduces error rates in operations, leading to increased profitability.

The high visibility screen makes the Skorpio X5 a great tool for an outdoor working environment.

Datalogic HandScanner

The HandScanner is a glove mounted scanner with a thumb press. This can help improve productivity, without the need to sacrifice the ability to carry large items with both hands.

It is the lightest and smallest wearable scanner in the market, with ease of use, a long battery life, fast data capture and unique notification features.

It is estimated that it can save up to 4 seconds per scan. In addition, the HandScanner is more comfortable for your workers due to its class leading light weight and ergonomic design.

What are the benefits?

Mobile scanners are increasingly improving efficiency and service, ensuring that an order is fulfilled quickly and with no mistakes during the process.

A manual sortation system is cost-effective, and extremely beneficial for business focused on a customer’s needs, as hand-held scanners can provide traceability and data tracing.

In addition, smart device-based scanners are more affordable than traditional scanning hardware, therefore you can scale up operations without investing in expensive equipment.

Manual sortation systems are best suited for small-scaled operations.

In addition, drivers need rugged and long-lasting scanning tools that can cope with heavy usage and tough conditions on the road. They also offer exceptional battery performance for long distances.

Automated Sorting Systems

If you are looking for automated parcel sortation, Datalogic have plenty of options.

Automated Sortation Systems are designed to automate manual sifting, categorising, separating, dividing and distribution.

This is ideal when order demands and shipments increase, eventually becoming too difficult to physical fulfil.

AV700 and DM3610

The AV700 has a top-class camera. It’s high sensitivity CMOS sensor and patented lighting technology provide clear and crisp images, from one to six sides at high speed.

This pairs well with the DM3610, which is an ultra-high performance, overhead dimensioning unit. Its incredibly accurate measurements make it perfect for spatial management application.

The AV7000 camera system and DM3610 dimensioning and weighing, can be all-in-one system that just works.

What are the benefits?

Automated Sorting Systems have a variety of technologies, such as barcode scanners, which maximises accuracy and flexibility within distribution centres and warehouses.

It has incredible high-speed item sorting and efficiency.

Automated Sortation Systems allow faster scaling of your operational, due to its incredible high-speed item sorting. It also relieves operators, which lowers operational costs.

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