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With consumers expecting increasing speed, accuracy and communication in the delivery process – it’s becoming harder to keep up with demand.

Last mile delivery is the final and most crucial step of the delivery process, where a parcel is moved from a transportation hub to a client’s front door, workplace or secure locker.

To maintain customer demand, it’s becoming more important to improve productivity and keep down the costs of delivery, despite the last mile being the most expensive part of the journey!

At ExPD, we have a range of mobile computers and barcode scanners that can improve efficiency and help you achieve the results you want.

What are the challenges of last mile delivery?

Last mile delivery can be extremely complex and challenging, due to traffic, limited delivery windows and growing customer expectations – it can account for 53% of a shipment’s total cost.

Delivery drivers are constantly faced with road closures and accidents in high-populated areas. However, it doesn’t get much better in rural areas either, as long distances between deliveries result can produce high costs and wasted time.

On top of this, different customers have different preferences and availability – making sticking to deadlines difficult.

As a result, mobile computers and barcode scanners are becoming increasingly important in tackling these problems.

How can mobile computers and barcode scanners solve these challenges?

Technology can play a vital role in streamlining the order fulfilment and delivery process. There are many ways to successfully achieve this in the last mile, improving the quality, speed and efficiency of deliveries.

Barcode scanning is the speediest and most efficient way for drivers to confirm they have the correct parcel. It can show them the stop sequence, show them the quickest way to load their vehicle and validates when a delivery is complete.

  1. Route planning

The navigation features within a mobile computer can keep drivers safe and ensure they arrive at their destination on time, as well as helping drivers navigate through traffic jams.

This can decrease delays, reduce wrong turns, ensure delivers are made on-time and leaves customers more satisfied.

With the Zebra TC70, you can choose between two of the most advanced and intuitive mobile operating systems — Android™ and Windows 10 IoT Mobile Enterprise. This makes it easy to use and doesn’t require a lot of training to understand.

It also has a holster, a hand-strap and snap-on trigger handle, allowing it to be adaptable to use inside and outside a vehicle.

  1. Customer satisfaction

Customers are expecting more and more from delivery services!

Mobile computers can provide real-time location updates and allows the customer to monitor their delivery status. This increases transparency, and as a result, peace of mind.

With the Zebra TC70, its front camera allows workers to place a video call, so they can get the assistance they need and it also provides customers with that personal touch.

This results in a highly collaborative workforce that can respond instantly to customer needs.

  1. Proof of delivery

Mobile computers can make it easier to record digital signatures and visual proof of a completed delivery. This can put an end to disputes, gives record of the delivery and will improve security.

The Zebra TC52x/57x has ultra-high-resolution photos and videos, due to its 13MP rear camera. It is also colour accurate, with sharp and crisp photos – even in low light!

  1. Reduced cost of ownership

Due to the nature of last mile deliveries, drivers need to have rugged and long-lasting scanning tools.

The Zebra TC21/TC26 is built for work! It can handle water, dust, extreme heat or freezing temperatures. Its display and scanner are fortified with Gorilla Glass. You can also choose the optional protective boot, to ensure reliable operation even after a 1.5m drop.

  1. Scanning efficiency

Mobile devices can allow for the clean scan of parcel barcodes on the first trigger, making significant difference in efficiency. In the long term, shaving of seconds can make a real impact.

The Zebra TC52x/57x has a green laser designed for extended scanning range – seven times more visible than a red laser. It’s aiming pattern also spans out over several feet.

This also means drivers can also quickly load their vehicles at the warehouse.

If you have any questions, or would like to learn more about our range of Zebra hardware, please get in touch with our team at