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Tracking Mail – Do you redistribute incoming post internally, or do you collect mail for despatch?

Don’t ever lose another item in the system with our University Internal Tracking Mail Solution.

OmniPost University App is an internal Tracking Mail and Proof of Delivery solution, ideal for Universities that want to provide a complete audit trail of signed for items coming into the University before they are delivered or collected by the final recipient. Download Datasheet

Key Benefits:

  •  Audit trial of every item logged into the mailroom
  • Automatic email notification sent to recipient for incoming mail
  • Signature capture (PDA of static signature PAD) for proof of delivery with secure barcode scanning
  • Web based tracking and reporting providing easy access and deployment
  • Find current location of all of your mail
  • Fast return on investment

How does OmniPost work as a Tracking Mail solution?

On arrival to your mail-room the incoming signed for mail item is labelled with a barcode, or the external courier barcode can be scanned to save time and money. The item is then booked against the recipient selected in the web based system, other info such as courier, sender, item type and naturally the date and time are also added.

The recipient name, student or staff, is easily searched and found by the ‘easy find’ feature and added to transaction, the system automatically sends an email (if enabled) to tell the recipient the item has arrived in the post-room.

The recipient will receive the email with the instruction of where to collect the item from or when it is being delivered, plus email reminders where collections are overdue.

If a mail item is lost there is a complete audit trail of all movements of the item from the point it was booked in at the post-room, and by who, so that it’s last known location can be traced, giving you full visibility at all times. Recipients and other staff can also track parcels and view reports through the internal tracking mail web module.

OmniPost University App enables you to increase service quality, productivity and efficiency providing the students and staff a better service whilst improving your bottom line. The solution is gathering momentum, already over 20 UK Universities use the feature rich product and benefit from its simplicity, intuitiveness and the UK based support.

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