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The Dolphin CT50 enables workers to respond faster to customers and drive higher productivity from the field.

Although smartphones are capable of scanning and decoding barcodes, they are not designed for use in high-volume, high-velocity scanning applications, or when poor lighting or poorly printed barcodes are involved. Smartphones are not ergonomically designed for worker comfort and ease of use in these types of applications. And their lack of motion tolerance makes scanning even more cumbersome and time consuming.

Honeywell purpose-built barcode scanners and mobile computers such as the Dolphin CT50 with integrated imagers, in contrast, can quickly and accurately read virtually all barcodes. They are ergonomically designed with repetitive workflows in mind and offer protection from the demands of data collection applications with enough battery power to last a full shift and beyond

With support for either Windows® or Android™ operating systems, the CT50 is a truly connected device that combines a design focused on ergonomics and reliability with industry-leading performance to enhance productivity, ultimately delivering a reduced total cost of ownership.

Dolphin CT50 Key Facts:

  • Designed with the end user in mind, the CT50 includes Wi-Fi and 4G/LTE connectivity to ensure access to business-critical applications and rich multimedia such as streaming video and video conferences whether in the office or connecting remotely from the road.
  • Featuring best-in-class imaging hardware and decoding software for responsive barcode reading, combined with improved scanning ergonomics, the CT50 offers maximum productivity for on-demand delivery, remote technicians and metering workers.
  • Offering the ability to collect and process huge quantities of data, the CT50 is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 series quad-core processor, which is 25 to 50 % faster and has 25 to 30 % more battery life than the next best alternative. The powerful processor also gives mobile workers the freedom to use multiple applications quickly and reliably on a single device.

To accompany the device, Honeywell offer a full complement of docking systems and vehicle accessories to support scan intensive use cases and specialised activities such as mobile printing, and vehicle telemetry.