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The Benefits of Mobile Working Within Local Authorities

Local authorities are faced with a tall order. Sources of income have dropped dramatically over the years, whilst more people and more people need costly council services. In order to maximise their budgets, they will need to generate significant savings across the board by examining every process in the organisation, but without effecting the level of services they offer. Mobile Working is key.

It has been showed in the “Project Nomad” – a national project which examined the value of mobile working in government – the potential benefits to be gained from mobile working could be worth up to £336 million per year, resulting in Local authorities saving money whilst still maintaining and even improving on frontline services by adopting a mobile working strategy.

Every day, thousands of local authority’s staff, work outside of the office seeing clients in their homes, providing services or visiting other sites as part of their job.

By giving people the ability to input information electronically and work on or off-line in the field – by means of mobile inspections apps such as OmniCheck and a mobile working device configured to their needs, such as a PDA or a tablet PC – could reduce costs whilst increasing efficiency.

Designed for local authorities and their contractors, OmniCheck is a reliable and robust piece of software that will help you to ensure compliance while boosting efficiency. A simple, intuitive interface guides you seamlessly through the process of creating and maintaining your inspection records and routine tasks whilst maximising your KPIs.

A mobile solution that communicates automatically with a central system back at the office will enable staff to input information gathered in the field without having to return to the office. Maintenance workers can receive details of their next job straight to their mobile device and fewer administration staff back at the office will need to be employed to simply re-key in data recorded on paper. Resulting in multiple savings such as reduction in fuel costs and of course valuable time of the staff involved so they can then apply their skills more productively.

Key Benefits of Using Mobile Inspection Solutions:

1. Lean Working – Mobile working encourages lean working because it eliminates the duplication of tasks and time on each job.

2. Green savings – Mobile working also embraces the green agenda by cutting out unnecessary journeys. It is even possible to monitor field worker locations and schedules in real time. This accurate information stream is invaluable for allocating work, reacting to changing circumstances and making best use of resources.

3. Lower office costs – The more effective your mobile workforce is in the field, the less they need to return to the office. This could translate into less office space and reduced fuel consumption.

4. Less outsourcing – reduction in contract staff requirements due to more efficient ways of working and more jobs completed within each day.

5. Better customer service – access to information via a mobile device will ensure a maintenance worker will turn up with the right equipment to finish a repair job the first time.

6. Greater job satisfaction – Being able to make better decisions because all the information is to hand means field workers feel a sense of achievement from a job well done.

7. An office on the move – Access to information from multiple back office applications via the mobile application on their device will allow them to work effectively and efficiently – wherever they might be.

8. Self-financing solutions – Mobile working does not have to be costly – in fact it is self-financing in many situations.

With the right information to hand mobile workers can interact more efficiently and quickly with the people they serve. The facility to complete forms immediately means council workers can minimise the delay for people waiting for vital benefits, repairs or decisions. And by filing in the forms just once – onsite – there are fewer opportunities for those administrative errors that can creep in when someone is keying in data at a later stage, working from their notes.

Mobile solutions can be self-financing with significant cost savings across the board. It is possible to find a solution with OmniCheck that will fit the requirements of the business both now and in the future – however small the budget.