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ExPD’s Smart Locker software proved the ideal solution for a theatre company who were looking for a secure system to store staff belongings.

Keeping personal items stored away and out of dressing rooms was crucial to ensure they were not misplaced, lost or stolen while performances were happening.

After the initial site visit, our team found the theatre had around 400 lockers already in use, however these worked with out-of-date software and were not straightforward to operate. The company required that each locker could be remotely managed, and easily accessible for the facilities team.

Our development team came up with a software solution which fitted the theatre’s requirements perfectly – we would retrofit our Smart Locker software to its existing lockers.

How does the Smart Locker system work?

To make it as simple as possible for the 1,000 staff at the theatre, the process of storing and removing locker contents had to be quick and convenient.

When someone wants to deposit items into a locker, they scan their ID badge on a card reader. This then allocates them a locker to use for the day. There’s no difficulty in trying to find the right locker because the door will open automatically. Once items have been placed inside the locker, all they have to do is close the door, which automatically locks it.

At the end of the night, the individual just needs to scan their badge again and the correct locker will open.

For the theatre, the advantage of a Smart Locker system as opposed to a locker with manual keys is that the keys cannot get lost. The lockers are also only allocated on a daily basis, not per individual, which means the 400 available lockers can be shared between over 1,000 staff moving in and out of the theatre.

The system to manage the software is web-based and accessible from any PC, and could be managed and locked down to prevent access from outside the business if needed.

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