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From law and accountancy to banking and finance, security and traceability in the professional services sector are essential.

Post and parcels are likely to contain sensitive information or high value assets and you need to be sure they have reached the right recipient.

Enter smart lockers – a high-tech solution offering a range of benefits for professional service firms in the UK. Let’s explore how smart lockers, including those for inbound parcel tracking, asset and equipment storage, and personal use, can revolutionise office efficiency.

Smart lockers enhance security

Security breaches can spell disaster for any professional services firm. Whether it’s confidential client information, inbound mail, personal belongings or valuable assets, safeguarding against theft and unauthorised access is non-negotiable.

Last year workplace theft jumped by 19% – almost 6,000 people were caught stealing from their employer, up from 5,000 in 2022. Incidents range from petty theft of office supplies to data and company funds.

With intelligent lockers, authentication methods such as QR codes and RFID cards restrict access to only the people that have been authorised.

Streamline inbound parcel management

Parcel management is another area where digital lockers excel, especially in the era of online shopping and hybrid work.

Smart parcel lockers are a secure location for receiving, storing, and distributing packages, eliminating the need for manual handling and reducing the risk of lost or misplaced items.

Reception and mailroom staff, or couriers can deposit packages directly into designated lockers, streamlining the delivery process and ensuring secure storage until recipients are ready to retrieve them.

See how a high-tech locker system benefited the HYLO building, a premium London office space. HYLO quickly saw the benefits of 24/7 collection and streamlined mail management, giving reception staff more time to focus on their work.

Track and monitor assets with intelligent lockers

Professional service firms rely on a wide range of assets and equipment to deliver their services effectively. From laptops and mobile devices to specialised equipment and tools, managing these assets can be a logistical challenge.

Our bespoke smart locker systems offer a solution by providing a secure and organised storage space for these assets. With features such as real-time tracking and automated notifications, firms can easily monitor the movement of items, track usage patterns, and ensure timely maintenance and replenishment.

This streamlines asset management processes, reduces the risk of loss or damage, and optimises resource allocation.

Smart lockers reporting in real-time

When it comes to critical documents such as legal files, bank statements or contracts, tracking is essential. Inbound mail within professional services firms is often hand delivered, leaving no courier tracking information or proof of delivery.

In situations like this, your packages can easily be misplaced or lost, leading to business productivity affected, case leads falling through or unhappy clients.

Our summit smart locker technology provides a real-time audit trail – track usage data, check-ins and checkouts with easy operation via our smartphone app, web portal and locker interface.

With a combination of control, visibility and automated alerts you’ll always know when items have been checked in and out and by who.

Manage your smart locker solutions across your entire business, with a view of locker status, set-up and permissions.

Improve employee satisfaction with smart storage lockers

Employee satisfaction is a key driver of productivity and retention in any business. Smart storage lockers for personal use offer employees a convenient and personalised storage solution for their belongings.

Whether it’s storing coats, bags, or their own mail, smart lockers provide a secure and accessible space for employees to store items during the workday. This not only reduces clutter in the office but also enhances the overall employee experience, creating a positive work environment and improving morale.

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