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When you think of a smart locker, your mind probably goes to a parcel pick up service like Amazon. While parcel delivery is a great use case of a smart locker, there are many other applications worth knowing about.

With our Summit technology, we can configure smart lockers for:

Universities and colleges

Smart lockers can automate deliveries for university campus’ and accommodation buildings – not just parcels, but books or even tech.

Rather than having packages dropped off outside the door or at the front desk, residential buildings can have smart lockers to provide secure package delivery or asset storage and 24-hour access for their tenants while saving their staff time.

Once a package is delivered, students receive a notification, to tell them their package is ready for pickup. They can then use their student ID cards or RFID building keys to access their package. This ensures that the individual for who the package is for is the only person who can access the locker at that time.

Day-use lockers for flexible workplaces

Smart lockers can provide flexible storage for employees in the office.

With many people now splitting time between home and the office, and having open office plans without assigned desks (hot-desking), employees need a place to store their personal belongings when they do come into the office. Introducing smart lockers gives employees a secure space for items such as laptops and bags.

Summit, our Smart locker software can integrate directly with your HR system, so that you can remotely assign and monitor lockers too,

Asset storage an tracking

Keeping personal items, IT equipment and valuables stored away is crucial to ensure they are not misplaced, lost or stolen. For businesses of any size, Smart Lockers are the ideal solution.

One example is when someone wants to deposit items into a locker, they scan their ID badge on a card reader. This then allocates them a locker to use. There’s no difficulty in trying to find the right locker because the door will open automatically. Once items have been placed inside the locker, all they have to do is close the door, which automatically locks it.

For IT equipment for example, with this kind of visibility, it becomes incredibly easy to collect and track the right equipment and improve the security of devices across your business.

Pharmacy and hospitals

Did you know that Smart Lockers can be used for the effective management of medications in busy pharmacies and hospitals?

Our Summit technology integrates seamlessly with MICS, our medicine stock management system. Your medical supplies can be managed by a unique batch number, code and their expiry date, reducing stock wastage and the risk of recalled or expired stock being issued. Recalled batches of medical supplies can be instantly identified and you will be alerted as stock is nearing its expiry date.

As well as medicine management, smart lockers can be used for prescription pick up.

Smart Locker technology means that prescriptions can be held in a secure place, until the recipient comes to collect it. There’s also less risk of medicine being lost or wrongly prescribed when it is correctly stored and accounted for.

It goes without saying that an automated prescription system will reduce strain on pharmacy resources as staff are no longer needed to hand out medications. It gives them the time to spend with patients that need face to face care and releases staffing capacity while improving customer service and patient safety.

For unmanned pharmacies, there is the opportunity to extend opening hours or have 24/7 prescription collection.

Car park management and rental

A key storage system can store car keys securely for a car rental service or airport parking.

It’s an effective way to keep car keys safe and secure until they are ready to be picked up by the owner. What’s more, is that combined with our Asset tracking barcode system, you can keep track of where cars are kept, and all the necessary information that goes with it – such as details of how long it will be parked for and where it needs to be dropped off to.

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