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OmniPost Smart Lockers, streamlining mail management

Mail management for occupiers has always been a time-consuming task for large office buildings. Items must be logged when they arrive, and typically an email must be sent to the occupier. Finally, when the occupier arrives to collect the delivery, a signature will be taken as proof of delivery.

This method of managing occupiers’ mail also necessitates the presence of a member of the building’s staff at all times. A cost that can be easily reduced. 

ExPD has collaborated with numerous buildings to simplify this process. Using OmniPost to manage occupier deliveries accelerates the process and makes it auditable. Find out how OmniPost Smart Lockers save time, money, provide better service and ensure accurate delivery, always. 

Introducing OmniPost Lockers

OmniPost mail tracking has been a revelation for some, but to make things even easier, it is now integrated with ExPD’s SUMMIT smart locker software. Buildings can use the locker solution to place items in secure lockers for occupiers to collect directly from.

How OmniPost Smart Lockers work

When a courier delivers items to the building, they are placed directly into a specific locker. Once loaded, an email is sent to the occupier informing them that their package has arrived, with a QR code. When the occupier comes to collect their item(s), they scan their QR code on the barcode scanner on the locker. This pings open the relevant locker, allowing the items to be collected.

Why choose OmniPost Lockers?

By utilising this system, building management will spend significantly less time managing occupiers’ mail. Staff do not need to be present to collect items because they are stored and accessed safely. It also means that items can be collected by occupiers 24 hours a day, seven days a week, which helps to improve the service the building can provide.

Custom fitted to your space

Lockers are custom-made for each location, so they can be built to fit whatever space is available. Custom design and wraps are also available to ensure that the hardware complements the architecture of the building.

If you would like to learn more about the locker system, please contact ExPD  / 01730 710 100