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Camden Borough Council were one of the early adopters of OmniPost, installing the system in the summer of 2011. Immediately after OmniPost was deployed, the process for handling incoming and internal mail was far more efficient: – faster, more accurate, audit trails and KPI’s.

When incoming parcels or secure documents are received at Camden’s Goods In or reception they are logged onto OmniPost web-based PC application, these items are then transferred and/or delivered using mobile devices. This simple process provides an audit trail for all signed for items received at the mailroom and ensures the facilities team can account for all the mail they sign for.

Challenges & Installation:

When OmniPost was first installed, Camden used the Datalogic ELF PDA with the Windows Mobile operating system for the mobile application. After using these devices successfully for 6 years, and with the advent of newer technology, Camden wanted to explore alternative hardware options.

ExPD visited Camden to show them the latest Hardware options available, this included various devices which have a built-in barcode scanner. Additionally, ExPD were able to demonstrate how OmniPost can be deployed to any Android or iOS phone or tablet.

Camden elected to install OmniPost onto their existing fleet of Samsung mobile phones, thus saving huge investment on new hardware, reducing the asset base and benefitting from the power of modern high-performance mobile phones. The key to the success was to use the mobile phone camera as the barcode scanner – which is just one of the many great features of OmniPost mobile.


Today, all members of the post team are using their own mobile phones to run the OmniPost application. The camera is utilised as the barcode scanner, meaning there is no change to the system process which has been working well for 6 years.

Peter Farebrother of Camden Council said, “Using OmniPost on our own devices was the obvious choice, we have a great solution and we wanted to continue making the best use of our software. ExPD recommended using our own devices as they had confidence in their product and the quality of it through a mobile phone.

Since we have been using OmniPost we have seen lots of new functionality added, and we have been 100% satisfied with the service provided to us. Omnipost offers full tracking from initial receipt of item to delivery and has significantly reduced the number of missing parcels and the time spent looking for them.

I would have no problem recommending OmniPost to any mail rooms looking to improve the service offered to clients. I would also say that using OmniPost has made the lives of our staff a lot easier and has made their work a lot more accurate and efficient.”

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