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Whether you manage a physical store or e-commerce business, you will need a way to easily keep track of inventory and be able to ship the right items out on time. A barcode label printer can help you do just that.

With the help of Zebra’s desktop and mobile printers and supplies, barcode labels can be added to speed products to the sales floor. Shipping labels can be printed to speed store transfers, home delivery and returns.

Here are six benefits of barcode printing for inventory management in retail:

Inventory errors and delays are reduced

Putting barcode tags on stock items makes it easy for you to locate them in an instant and ensure you can meet demand. You can use these barcodes to accurately transfer item information from the tag to your inventory system – it reduces the risk of human error that comes with recording inventory by hand or typing it into a computer.

With a scan of a barcode, you will be able to access the correct relevant product information such as stock quantity, price, dimension, colour, and other variables.

Poor quality labels could result in negative customer experiences and even impact your bottom line. If the addresses on your shipping labels are not printed correctly, or if the barcodes are not legible, your carrier may face a problem in processing your order. The end result is that your customer’s goods may not get shipped and delivered, resulting in delays and customer complaints. 

Inventory tracking becomes more accurate

Printing labels for your inventory management process is an easy way to keep track of your products and assets. Labels help you differentiate items that belong in different categories. When you are looking for something in a hurry, having a label system already in place can help you locate the item quickly.

Using barcode printers, your inventory control process will become simpler to maintain, and the information stored within it will become more accurate. Over time, you’ll be able to identify patterns in the process, allowing you to determine the products that are in demand and only stock the parts of your inventory your company needs.

Zebra ZD400 Series Desktop Printers offer the reliability, flexibility and security you need. They can be easily transported and print on the spot to increase productivity. You can even power through a full shift with the high-capacity battery.

Store a variety of info

A common issue in the inventory management process is communication between systems. It can be difficult for inventory and retail point of sale platforms to obtain and exchange information with each other. 

When you print labels and use barcodes to store information in the cloud, your sales and stock records can be streamlined, ensuring you don’t promise to sell product you don’t actually have.

Fulfil customer orders quicker

When you know what you have and where you have it, you can fulfil orders quickly. You can also rest assured that your information is accurate, and don’t have to worry about not having enough product on hand. This makes your customers happy, which is great for repeat business.

On-the-spot relabelling using barcode printers allow employees to get returned merchandise back into inventory and back onto store shelves as quickly as possible. Printers such as the TLP284 Plus Compact Desktop Printer are best suited for this.

Print on demand for inventory control and accountability

The most immediate advantage of having a barcode printer is that you can print labels on demand. There’s no need to order label rolls or store them. You also don’t need to swap labels if a print job change is required; you can simply alter the job that is currently selected. You can print as many or as few labels as you need – in real-time. 

ZQ600 Series Desktop Printers from Zebra are ideal for use in retail. They are small and compact printers that create receipts and labels wherever and whenever they are needed. They are particularly useful for creating shelf and return shipping labels, for marking price changes and for receipt printing at the mobile point of sale.

Save time on employee training

Instead of training your employees on how to read your company’s entire inventory database, they only have to know how to create and store new entries using barcode printers. This means that the training process takes much less time, and your employees don’t have to master multiple areas of the process. The simpler it is for them to update your inventory, the faster they will get it done.

Zebra desktop printers are engineered to consistently produce clear, easily scannable retail labels, even at high volumes.

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