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Smart lockers have revolutionised how businesses receive and deliver goods. The efficiency of smart locker systems can enhance the delivery process and improve the consumer journey – especially in retail.

The global parcel locker market is expected to reach $1.5 billion by 2028, with the fastest growth projected in the next three to five years. Although smart lockers are a popular way for retailers to deliver items to customers, how does the retail head office distribute parcels for their staff in the workplace?

Retail companies can use lockers as a real opportunity to improve the workplace environment and ensure less time is wasted in the distribution of staff deliveries and samples.

Here are some benefits that smart lockers can bring to your business.

Effective internal mail tracking

Managing retail environments, often across different locations is challenging. At a head office or store locations, post and parcels need to be delivered – this could be personal items for staff, inventory or equipment.

With large quantities of deliveries coming to retail head offices, they need to be managed in an effective way. Asking items to be collected from the post room means staff waste valuable time waling to and from the location.

Smart Lockers support the storage or handover of deliveries. Lockers can be placed in conveniently located locations. Items can then be delivered to these lockers for staff to collect when convenient for them. Our OmniPost internal mail tracking system integrates with our Summit Smart Locker software to ensure safe distribution of items through your building (or shop).

The parcel tracking software shows you who received an item, who it is for, where it is currently stored, how it is moving through the system, who delivered it, photos, and finally the proof of delivery signature or ID card scan. And it’s all manageable with any iOS or Android phone, tablet or mobile computer.



Secure delivery of items

Too often, post and parcels are left on desks. This can happen if an employee is out at a meeting or working from home that day – parcels are left and marked as delivered even if they weren’t handed to the recipient. This increases the risk that items can go missing, or even stolen.

The last thing a busy mailroom or facilities team want to be doing is looking through old records trying to find out who delivered the item, where it was delivered to and showing this to the recipient (who is probably stressed about their lost parcel!)

If items are instead delivered to smart lockers, they are kept in a secure location until the recipient is ready to collect them. It also means there is a full audit trail of each and every item.

Our Smart Lockers are the most secure way to transfer any item – with full traceability and accountability.

We can adapt any of our products on a bespoke basis, so they match your own requirements, all developed by our own specialist in-house team based in the UK.

If you want to find out more about our smart locker solutions, and how it might benefit your business you can contact us.