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There are many different factors that go into choosing the right retail label printing solution for your ecommerce business. Print quality, printing frequency and barcoding requirements, ease of use, all come into play.

Zebra label printers provide the added benefits of greater convenience and more consistent print quality, as well as superior performance when it comes to barcode printing.

Here are some considerations you may want to think about:

  • What printing method do you want to use?

There are generally three types of print methods you can use. First, there’s the ink jet printing method. This method uses ink. Then there’s direct thermal and thermal transfer.

While many businesses are familiar with ink printers, these are not always the best option. They can bleed and cause problems for barcode readers.

Direct thermal printers apply heat directly to the printing barcode label. The label is UV sensitive, and the “printing” is done using heat. 

Thermal transfer printers also use heat, but unlike their direct thermal printers, the heat is transferred over a wax-coated ribbon. When the wax is heated, it melts onto the paper and produces a clear and highly durable code.

Thermal printers such as the Zebra ZD400 Series Desktop Printers are a smart solution for retail businesses

  • Invest in a good label printer 

A reliable and efficient label printer can save you time and money in the long run. As we mentioned above, we’d recommend a thermal label printer, which is cost-effective and requires no ink or toner.

The Zebra ZQ600 Series Desktop Printers (which come in thermal and direct options) are engineered to consistently produce clear, easily scannable retail labels, even at high volumes.

  • Use high-quality labels

Make sure to use high-quality labels that won’t smudge, fade or peel off during transit. Choose labels that are compatible with your label printer and the shipping carrier’s requirements.

  • Print accurate and legible information

Your labels should contain all the necessary information such as the recipient’s address, your return address, shipping carrier information, and tracking number. Make sure the information is legible and accurate to avoid any delays or delivery errors.

  • Automate label printing

Many online retailers use software that automates label printing, making it faster and more efficient. You can integrate your online store with shipping software that generates shipping labels automatically.

  • Keep a stock of labels

Make sure to keep a sufficient stock of labels, so you don’t run out when you need them. It’s also a good idea to keep different sizes of labels on hand, so you’re prepared for different shipping requirements.

By following these label printing tips, you can ensure that your products are shipped and delivered accurately and efficiently, which can help improve customer satisfaction and increase sales.

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