New Software Release: Parking System

ExPD have recently launched a new parking solution to help organisations manage their own car parks. This new system removes manual paper records, gives a complete and accurate view of cars in the car park, how many spaces are available and provides reports to optimise use.

When staff or visitors arrive at the carpark, the system user (often gate security) selects the visitor and check them in and when that person leaves the car park the user updates the system with the departure thereby emptying that space.

Recording this information on a web based system gives very valuable and time saving data – run reports on peak times, cars parked in wrong spaces, unexpected vehicles, owners of vehicles and the car park usage.

By using this system an organisation is able to speed up the process of bookings cars in on arrival, the security team no longer has to go through paper records to identify each car on arrival; information on all visitors, staff and their respective vehicles are held on the easy to use tablet (Android) app. 

The use on ANPR technology is in development, this will mean a truly autonomous method of recording what vehicles are in the company car park with date and time stamps of their respective entry and exit.

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