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It goes without saying that mailrooms play a vital role in law firms. Post is likely to contain highly sensitive information that you need to be sure has reached the right recipient.

Outdated paper systems and human error are just two of the challenges of traditional mailroom processes, which can lead to lost or misplaced mail. These systems no longer stack up to the growing demands of secure parcel delivery.

Luckily, our OmniPost solution can help law firms secure mail, using cloud-based technology to guarantee packages safe delivery and distribution throughout your firm’s building.

What is OmniPost?

All within a cloud-based software and mobile app, OmniPost is an advanced internal mail tracking system that monitors your parcels from the moment they are received in the building to when they are handed to your employees.

It’s a simple to install, ready to go solution backed by our ongoing service team.

You can even access on any device – OmniPost comes with a mobile app compatible with iOS or android phones and allows for access even when offline. Your firm can ensure every user is guaranteed excellent performance, regardless of location or connection.

So, how can OmniPost benefit your firm’s mail processes?

Complete visibility

When it comes to critical legal documents, tracking is essential. Documents within a law firm are often hand delivered, leaving no courier tracking information or proof of delivery.

In situations like this, your post can easily be misplaced or lost, leading to case leads falling through or unhappy clients. But ExPD has the solution.

With OmniPost, tracking is available as soon as the parcel hits the mailroom. Utilising cloud-based technology, users receive live updates on their mail, and can see who received their parcel, where it is being stored, how it moves throughout the system and even request photo proof ahead of delivery.

You can also change delivery instructions or schedule a collection. Instead of waiting in line for post, lawyers can be more productive, continuing work at their desks knowing their documents are secure.

Internal tracking would overall limit lost or misdirected packages within your firm, improving efficiency as parcels reach their respective location first time, without issue.

Tailor made

It’s simple to tailor OmniPost mailroom tracking software using the admin-user function, so it works exactly the way you like to.

Custom create email and SMS messaging to update users, preferences by location for delivery or collection rules and alerts.

Whether it’s a confidential document that needs securing, or a case relevant one that needs collecting immediately, you want the peace of mind knowing your parcel can’t fall in to the wrong hands. With the OmniPost system and mobile app, you can create and manage users so that only the relevant employees have access.

In addition, OmniPost can be integrated with our Smart Locker system, assisting in safe and secure contactless delivery in a post pandemic world. To find out more about the smart locker solutions we provide and how they could benefit your business, see our website for more details.

Data reporting

Highly sensitive documents are not the only things being delivered or collected at a law firm, as large amounts of personal mail can be received also. With such large quantities of mail going in and out, it’s important to keep a record of this.

With OmniPost, data reports can be configured to provide insights into key information, and, through categorisation, it is easy to filter through data on a host of fields.

Providing information into couriers, dates and times, fee earners can effortlessly track mail throughout the firm building to locate their personal mail.

Filtering data also enables you to process issues, help with resource planning and as a result, improve services for users.

Reports can be autogenerated, or you can access a summary of key information using the system dashboard.

With data stored in the system for up to 36 months, you can be sure than any issues that arise can be located and resolved seamlessly.

Simple, secure, and accountable – find out more about how our OmniPost solution can benefit your business by booking a free 30-minute no-obligation demo with a member of our team.