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As technology continues to evolve, mailrooms continue to digitise with the help of automation.

Digital mailrooms have fast become an integral part of many organisation’s operations, with businesses seeing the benefits of a streamlined mailroom, complete traceability and reduced costs.

At EXPD we offer a range of services and products, that will not only keep you on top of mailroom management, but a couple of steps ahead.

What is the future of mailroom management?

Increased/improved efficiency

OmniPost mimics the traditional mailroom process but removes cumbersome, time-consuming and outdated paper systems and replaces them with a smart, intelligent, flexible, time effective and efficient solution to parcel management system tracking.

Time spent logging parcels, processing them and tracking them is minimal. The reception or mailroom becomes safer and mess-free. It saves time, costs and unnecessary complaints.

Greater security and compliance

Digital mailrooms need to meet the highest standards of protection, and this can be achieved with Smart Lockers. The volume of packages entering the mailroom continues to increase, as a result security needs to improve.

Smart Lockers are the most secure way to transfer any item with full traceability and accountability, throughout the handover process.

With our Smart Lockers, recipients are sent locker access codes specific to them. The parcels are stored 24/7, so that your packages can stay protected until you are ready to pick them up.

Improved data analysis and collection

Data analysis and collection is an extremely important tool for mailroom management

With OmniPost, you can configure reports, so you have the data that you need to make your processes and organisation more efficient.

A summary of key information is available on the ‘OmniPost Dashboard’. You can have your reports auto generated, as well as provide the option to Filter/Search and export data.

The dashboard will give you information such as peak times for deliveries and collections in mailroom. As well as data on how long it takes for items to be distributed plus much more.

As well as being the ultimate accountability and audit solution, these reports can be used to improve processes – flagging trends before they become issues.

As a result, you can make data-driven decisions, maximise revenue and minimise unnecessary costs.

Integration with other technologies

Digital mailrooms need to integrate with other systems and platforms effortlessly and seamlessly, enabling efficient and effective collaboration across different departments within an organisation.

OmniPost Mobile works with any iOS or Android phone, tablet or mobile computer. Every working environment is considered using smart development tools.

Our hardware partners include Datalogic, who produce the Datalogic Memor 11 and theDatalogic Memor 20, both delivering excellent performance without breaking the bank.

Memor 11

The Datalogic Memor 11 versatile mobile computer series, which improves business productivity and streamlines operations.

It delivers superior scanning performance and all-round efficiency. It is the perfect product for those who have in-store retail operations, inventory management, warehouse logistics, manufacturing and transportation.

It also has advanced battery management and wireless charging features, as well as the option to extend battery life by up to 20%.

Memor 20

The Datalogic Memor 20 is designed for the most demanding mobile requirements, whilst in a user-friendly form due to its slim and ergonomic design.

It has everything you need and in one device, with a long battery life and contact-free wireless charging capability. This is a vital product for businesses that want to move ahead and provide their workforce with more autonomy.

Customised user experiences

Every organisation has different needs and structures; therefore, mailroom tracking software should be easily tailored to a company’s unique wants and needs.

It’s simple to tailor OmniPost mailroom tracking software using the admin-user function, so it works exactly the way you like to:

Custom create email notifications
Add your company branding
Set preferences by location for delivery or collection rules and alerts
Create and manage system and mobile users and their respective access
Define your own delivery threshold rules and generate KPIs
Create and manage your own courier and service lists
Integrate with our smart-locker solution, available with a choice of styles

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