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Go from a paper based mailroom to the latest digital enabled mailroom.

Does your campus mailroom look like a bomb has gone off inside and there are long lines of students queuing for their parcels? Then it’s time to rethink your approach. Nowadays with the latest technology available students and staff alike have become to expect fast delivery on parcels etc and information delivered directly to their mobile devices.

College and university campuses can span up to hundreds of acres, with large student bodies and hundreds of staff and faculty members. Meanwhile, your typical campus mailroom is something of a glorified basement with a limited amount of space where the mailing and shipping staff must make do with what they have.

In a busy campus environment, not being equipped with the tools required to do their job effectively, can result in a serious productivity problem. Especially when timely delivery of parcels are critical for students, who need to receive quickly text books they have ordered online or are waiting on care packages from home that parents have sent.

Give students the experience they expect and boost your bottom line with OmniPost – an internal Mail and Packages solutions that will help you:


  • Automatically e-mail students or staff when packages are delivered to their mailbox or available for pickup.
  • Capture the signature (and even a photograph) of student’s who pick up packages for proof-of-delivery and accountability.
  • Capture images of damaged or part open parcels
  • Know how many packages and how often your recipients receive packages.
  • Create metric reports that allow you to analyse students’ mail trends and patterns.
  • Track other assets: books, equipment, files, and even visitors.
  • Control which users, groups, and departments are able to update package information and perform operations.

Peak seasons are a time for celebration but can also cause significant headaches for the mailroom.

With the likes of Amazon, Asos, Boohoo, etc, university and college mailrooms are already processing scores of incoming mail and packages for students, staff and faculty on a daily basis. But, there a few times of the year such as the beginning of new terms where new students are move-in, Black Friday, Christmas, Valentine’s Day and finals week where the volume of both incoming and outgoing packages explodes.

Mailrooms that aren’t fully staffed or equipped with the proper processing software can be quickly overrun with piles of letters and parcels to sift through during these peak times. If you’re using older and slower manual methods of logging in these parcels and notifying students they have a package, then that gap of time between receiving the package at the mailroom and handing it off to the student grows even wider, resulting in significant problems.

For one, it frustrates the students, teachers and administrators who are expecting timely deliveries of their packages and the slower the mailroom moves to sort and log those parcels, and notify their recipients to come pick them up, the bigger their backlog becomes. Space in campus mailrooms is already a limited luxury; the bigger that backlog becomes, the more packages you have taking up surface area on shelves or floors, making it that much harder to not just process but physically retrieve those packages when it’s time to hand them over.

Clear your back log of parcels and improve productivity by investing in more intuitive, digital solutions that not only accelerate parcel processing but will also send out timely delivery notifications to on-campus recipients.

OmniPost Mobile App can easily be adapted to manage your inventory, mail parcel, exam papers, student mail and much, much more. Best of all, the tracking system is completely customisable by you so you can change it to your University’s needs in minutes. OmniPost provides just the solution that campus mailrooms need for faster package processing and delivery notifications.

If you’d like further information on how OmniPost could benefit your business – our ‘Expert’ team are ready to help.

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